Case Study on the company

1. Macroenvironment and the PEST Analysis a. Briefly define the macroenvironment.  b. Explain what a PESTLE analysis is, why you perform it and describe its parts.   c. Perform a PESTLE analysis for your company’s industry. d. What are the problems or issues that your company should be concerned with?   2. Ethical Considerations a. What are the ethical considerations that face your company’s industry?   b. Who are the relevant stakeholders in the considerations identified above? c. What are the consequences of these ethical considerations and what are some alternatives your company should consider? 3. Perform a trend analysis on your company’s last seven years of the income statement.  Based on this analysis, present conclusions about the trends you see.   4. What is your company’s generic strategy?  Support your answer.   5. Complete a SWOT matrix for your company.  Present both a table and a detailed discussion.  6. Make recommendations for your company.  What should management do to strengthen the company’s competitive advantage?  7. site sources

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