Auditing Standards

With more businesses operating internationally, there is potential for these businesses to seeking capital in foreign markets, as they set up shop overseas. Do you think it is in company’s best interests to follow a single, worldwide set of auditing standards? Is it worth the migration? Do you think the public would care about this?

Vendor Analysis Project

VENDOR ANALYSIS PROJECT: 1. Pick a product and tell me about it. Any product other than a book is acceptable. 2. List two direct materials contained in your product. In this requirement you need only list two direct materials in your chosen product. If you have difficulty identifying two direct materials, you will likely want […]

Truck Sales Company

The final paper for my Practicum Course will be a 2-page essay discussing your experience at work during the course. Paper must address the following questions: How did your experience at work correlate to your education in accounting at San Jacinto College? Is there anything that you particularly saw or did at your job in […]

Concept of Debits and Credits

Pick a large company that does business in your community and view their financial results. For the most recent year, list the amounts reported for sales, cost of goods sold, and total net income. Does the amount reported for revenue represent cash received from customers during the year? If not, what does it represent? Is […]

Journal Entries

For Book access: The book is Horngren’s accounting 12th edition. If you have it great if not here are steps to access my copy. go to Login info: JUVEDD6486 Cheyanne10 once in go to modules and under week 2 you will see resources click on it. once there you will see a place to […]

Accounting Fraud

Select another accounting scandal (Enron, Tyco, Adelphia, AOL, Global Crossing, etc.). 1. Describe two or three ways in which the WorldCom scandal was similar to other accounting scandals. 2. In what significant ways were the scandals different?

Communication Practice

Find and photograph 2 examples of communication practice. What is the communication event? Describe what is happening. How would you describe the type of communication occurring in these events? What media are involved? Hot? Cold? Write 100 words on each example. Upload the 2 pictures of your examples

Principles of Managerial

Note: The discussion activity is based on Exercise 15.2, External Financial Reports and Globalization, on pages 709–710 of the textbook. 1. Choose a publicly traded global company that you think you might want to invest in some time in the future. 2. Search the Internet—including the company’s own website—for information about the company, and access […]

Managerial and Financial Accounting

1) Distinguish between managerial and financial accounting on one of  the items below: 1.    Users and decision makers. 2.    Purpose of information. 3.    Flexibility of practice. 4.    Time dimension. 5.    Focus of information. 6.    Nature of information 2) What information is recorded on a job cost sheet? How do management and employees use job cost sheets? 3) Explain in simple terms the notion […]

Financial versus and Non-Financial Information

Question  According to Sievers et al. (2013, p 468), ‘Accounting information…captures an amount of economic information that is equivalent to that of non-financial information’. Journal article: Sievers, S., Mokwa, C.F. and Keienburg, G. (2013).The relevance of financial versus non-financial information for the valuation of venture capital-backed firms,European Accounting Review, 22(3), pp. 467-511. Required: • Critically […]