Animal Agriculture

“What is your biggest concern involving animal agriculture/animal use and why?” You will choose a topic and discuss how it has developed over time and what could be done about this topic from this day forward. You will be graded based upon your ability to use critical thinking to state your opinion on your chosen […]

GMO Food Research

Write five pages research essay about GMO genetically modified food. Cite the work please and make sure the paper is five pages long.

the history of Rum

1,500-word essay on the history Rum. Topics to think about include but are not limited to: Date of first production. Geographic origin and current regions of production. Source(s) of fermentable sugars. Technology employed in production and how this has changed over time. Original market and current market. The variation within this category of beverages. A […]

Diffusion and innovation of GMO’s in Agriculture

Describe the diffusion of a contemporary innovation in the agricultural and natural resources context . Evaluate how the attributes of the innovation and adherence to the diffusion process affected its diffusion and the ultimate success or failure of the innovation? . All references should be listed in a reference section at the end of the […]