Data Analytic Methodologies to Diverse Populations.

CompetencyApply data analytic methodologies to diverse populations to address population health needs. (Diabetes and high blood pressure)ScenarioYou have assessed your local population health needs and identified data sources and data sets that are needed to you develop a high-level population health management program dashboard.For this assessment, you need to assess local population health needs and […]


In a 3 paper APA style Address the following;1)- explain perimenopause, surgical menopause, stress menopause, postmenopause.2) describe the sign of menopause 3) which other life changes (eg physical, psychosocial, cognitive ) may influence a woman’s experience during menopause?4) which are the highest risk for osteoporosis 5) describe the traditional and alternative therapies for the conditions associated […]

Public Health Institutions

In M1: Assignment 3, you selected a public health organization for which you will develop a performance improvement plan. In this assignment, you will examine the organization further.You will set targets, goals, and objectives for the organization you have selected.Use the readings for the module to do the following:Propose 3–5 specific outcomes for which your […]

Cultural Awareness in Social Work Practice

Discussion: Cultural Awareness in Social Work PracticeIn order to become a practitioner who addresses the diverse needs of your clients in a sensitive and respectful manner, you must be dedicated to continued education around the needs and experiences of different groups, religions, ethnicities, and other populations. The first step is to identify any personal biases […]

Vitamin D Blood Levels

 “What’s is a good (evidence-based) goal for vitamin D as measured by a blood test? Specifically, if someone is taking a vitamin D supplement and checking vitamin D blood levels regularly, what should the goal be from the standpoint of best longterm health outcomes (as far as we currently know)? Does it depend on certain […]

Injury-Related Health Problem (prescription drug overdose)

 A human resources (HR) manager wants to know if annual performance review scores can be predicted by the number of vacation days taken during the year and the number of dependents an employee claims. She randomly pulls the vacation, W-2, and performance review records of twenty employees. The data is presented  in the attached document Using […]

Applied Sciences Assignment

 Instructions: The type of questions a researcher poses ultimately informs the choice of a research method. For this assignment, you should develop a list of five research questions that would require the gathering and analysis of qualitative data to answer. These questions do not have to be related to the proposals you detailed in Sections […]

Final Research Question & Hypothesis Assignment

Assignment DetailsGraded?YesPoints Possible100.0Resubmissions Allowed?assignment InstructionsFinal Research Question and Purpose StatementRevise your Week 1 assignment to address instructor critique and peer interaction in the discussion forums. The components of this assignment include a research question, thesis, purpose, and design statements. Your assignment must contain at least eight sources, which at least six must be peer-reviewed. The specific […]

Implementing Psychological Distance.

1) Discuss at least three do’s and don’ts of how science news should be presented.2) Describe an example from one of the satirical shows that has a potential of improving knowledge but also polarizing individuals about a S&T issue? for example the daily show. Plz provide a link to the video, it could be from […]

Is Business Ready for Wearable Computers?

For this assignment, you will discuss what you have learned in Unit III and Unit IV by creating a 12-slide PowerPoint presentation that addresses the case studies below.Based on your reading of the case study “Is Business Ready for Wearable Computers?” on page 181 of the textbook, address the prompts below.Discuss at least three examples […]