Blockchain in Technology

Industry experts believe blockchain is a technology that has the potential to affect the business of most IT professionals in the next five years. Pick an industry you feel will be most affected by blockchain and how blockchain may be used in that industry. As an IT manager, how would you embrace blockchain? For instance, […]

Expectation of Supporting Good Health

In an ideal situation, what kind of cues, values, education, and imagery should a culture and society that values health and the health of it’s members emphasize?Where and why do our current models of the body fall short of their expectation of supporting good health?

Advocating for Legislation to Reduce Health Disparities

Advocating for Legislation to Reduce Health DisparitiesOngoing development of and support for state-level legislation to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities, achieve health equity, and improve population health across the United States should be a priority for public health advocates, researchers, and policymakers.As an advocate for your selected health issue, discuss how stakeholders would advocate […]

Covid-19 and Pets

Exercising is essential for your pet dog to keep healthy and fit. It is also important for its overall wellbeing for this you need an ESA letter for your dog. Without exercise, your dog might get overweight and may become sullen and low on energy. For sure your companion dog misses the outdoor walks and […]

Legal Issues for Investigators

Topic 1: Legal Issues for InvestigatorsScenario: As the investigator, you are called to the scene of the fire. The initial arriving officer contacted you to complete the investigation. He has found that the story from the occupant does not match his findings. You learn that the home is owned by a city councilman in your […]

Role of Fire Investigators

Assignment 2: Role of Fire InvestigatorsWrite a 4–5-page paper (excluding cover and reference pages) that discusses the role of fire investigators, including their role in incidents involving deaths and injuries. The paper should analyze the following:Identify three or more functions of fire investigators.What are the roles and responsibilities of fire investigators in investigating fires where […]

Community Risk Reduction program.

You are investigating a possible new stakeholder for your current Community Risk Reduction program. There has been some limited information regarding the organization and their activities. Develop a report of possible pros and cons to accepting this organization into the current CRR. Write a 3–5-page paper describing your evaluation of the proposed organization.DirectionsIn addition to […]

Infant Nutrition

 Infant nutrition is critically important, as an infant typically triples his birth weight and increases his length by 50% in the first year of life alone! Without proper nutrition, this stage of enormous growth can be jeopardized. With this in mind, answer the questions below. 1.  What are the energy (kcal) and protein requirements for an […]

Investigating a Fire Scene

Assignment 2: Investigating a Fire SceneInvestigating a fire is a process. Ultimately, an investigator should develop a basic process that he or she uses for every investigation and can be adapted to different fire scenarios.Produce a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation that outlines and compares and contrasts the process you would use to investigate the following […]

American Psychological Association.

DQ1: Name and briefly describe 5 ethical standards as they apply to research of humans, according to the American Psychological Association.DQ2: What are the advantages of professional codes of ethics, if any? What makes them advantages and to whom? What are the disadvantages of professional codes of ethics, if any? What makes them disadvantages and […]