Furniture Research Paper

For this new assignment, you can follow the guidelines of our previous “Historical Research Assignment,” but rather than finding a Boulle cabinet or Frank Lloyd Wright dining room set, you should just look around your house, apartment, or wherever you happen to be living at the moment and pick something that you’d like to share […]

commercial building plumbing

From our assigned reading in Guide to Culturally Competent Health Care, about persons with a European American Heritage, coupled with the accompanying video, what key points got raised for you? How might these apply to the healthcare setting? What questions are you left with?  Are there any insights about the cultural and spiritual heritage of this group […]

St. Pete’s Basilica in Rome

The main Idea of this research paper is to make a comparison between the st Pete’s Basilica with the Church of the Sagrada Familia. But the must important thing is that the St Pete’s Basilica I chose it as the principal building and the church of the Sagrada Familia is the secondary, also is very […]