Eras of Art History

Using these three eras, compare and contrast the approach each country/era uses to design its buildings, sculpt their kings/gods/athletes/citizens, and paint portraits, landscapes, animal hunts, etc. a. Discuss specific examples in detail and note in your paper what the differences are among these eras in these arts. b. Also, try to find similarities between eras […]

Art Creation and Reflection

Select a photograph art piece to use as a point of inspiration.  Create an art piece of photography inspired by your selected art piece.   Write a reflection about the relationship between your art production and the inspiration piece.  Include the following in your reflection: – Introduction – Inspiration piece      – Include the inspiration […]

Arts of Work Criticism

For each work of art provide  1. the name of the artist 2. the title of the art work 3. piece is thoroughly discussed and insightful details provided and can also reference additional works of art

What does it mean to be Human

Project Requirement: For this project, you will be creating a proposal for an original work of art that may use theatre, music, visual art, or any combination of media. The proposal should include the following components: 1. A project title 2. A summary of the proposed project( the what, where, and when of the work)- […]

Art Evaluation Video Review

For this Art Evaluation, you will be writing a movie review on your own. Watch this video called “Building the Great Cathedrals”:  and write a one-page summary answering the following questions: How, without the benefit of modern tools and technology, did medieval builders construct Gothic Cathedrals?  ?How was stained glass used in a new […]

Critical Mashup Writing

Write about a work of art you think someone else could create that would provoke conversations we are not having about an issue that needs to be addressed? Write a two-page document about your idea

Artist Exhibition Brochure

Instructions For the final assignment of your Research Project, you are to create a one page artist exhibition brochure, highlighting a work of art done by the artist Polykleitos. You will need to include the following: Paragraph about fictitious event and gallery/museum.  Be creative and come up a time, date, and place for the event. […]

Art Therapy Analysis

Topic: The use of Yayoi Kusama’s work shows a perfect example of how art as therapy can provide a coping mechanism for mental illness. This can help decrease stigma on mental illnesses through the influence of the success of Kusama’s career.The paper has to present an argument in relation to the subject and the artwork […]

Art Humanities Essay

MAKE SURE TO ANSWER EACH QUESTION LIKE THIS !!!! Answer each question using a short essay form. Introduction/Thesis statement. Analysis. Conclusion. In your analysis be sure to use the critical formula we have studied throughout the semester. Be clear and focused. Choose a single art object, use one critical lens to analyze that object, then direct that analysis toward a big question.  1. Use […]

Art History Short Answers

1. Compare and contrast the Greek PaRthenon with the Roman PaNtheon. How does each represent its period and culture? 2. Explain and describe the artistic contributions of Constantine to Christianity and the effect these had on the art world.  CITE specific examples to support your answer.