The Future is Asian

What is necessary for a reading report is for you to write a digestof what you have read as thoughyou were talkingwith someone who knows nothingabout it. Yes,you arewriting this report for the seminar, but you want to try to work out–in a plain language–kinks in your own thoughts as you might open a personal […]

Ethnic Minorities in Vietnam

ANSWER 2 QUESTION: 1) Explain about ethnic minorities in Vietnam. What kind of language and ethnic identities do they have? (850 WORDS) 2) Discuss about Vietnamese migrants in Japan. How are they socially integrating into the communities in Japan? Or, do they stay as “strangers” in the society, if so, how and why? (1100 WORDS)

Asian American Studies

Asian American Studies 5Midterm #1Due by: Sunday Aug 16 @ 6 PM PST. Essay Question:In my lectures on Carlos Bulosan’s America is in the Heart, I discussed the idea of America and the way in which writers have argued that America’s promise of freedom and equality needs to be more fully achieved for everyone living […]

British India partition of 1947

This is a South East Asian History related paper. The full prompt and question to answer : British India was partitioned into 2 independent nation-states in 1947. Is Partition portrayed as a triumph or tragedy in these writings? Do these sources present possible explanations for the refugee crisis and violence that was widespread in 1947? […]

history of East India Company rule

Please write a concise paper summarizing the issues listed in the reading regarding the discrepancies of the British East indian Company’s laws on Sati and it’s claims for why such laws should be altered or remain in place. Must be a minimum of 500, max 800 words. Double spaced, size 12 times new roman, 1inch […]