Space Weather Discussion

There’s Weather in Space? Full Description Space Weather merges astronomy and meteorology to explain how events on the Sun and in near-Earth space can adversely impact the operation of Earth-orbiting satellites, communications systems, and many other systems on or near the Earth. Go to to learn a bit about it. After reading this site […]

a short history of the atoms

Assignment Instruction: Give a short history of the atoms that are now in your little finger – going back to the beginning of the universe. Personal Instruction: If you want to use more than the resources requested that’s fine but not needed if you don’t think it is necessary. PLEASE INCLUDE U.S WEBSITE LINKS THAT […]

investigate inflation

Assignment Instruction: Now let’s begin the discussion: Search the Internet for information on one of these two topics: 1) Inflation or 2) alternate scientific cosmological theories. You may search for articles, blogs, or websites. It is not always easy to do, but be careful and try to discriminate between more mainstream websites and the many other, less informed, ones […]