Presenting Argument

In this class, we learn to evaluate issues in light of the reasoning on all sides prior to arriving at conclusions. We aim to evaluate the quality and quantity of evidence, striving to be as objective as we can about what is most likely to be true.If you have not done so already, begin by […]

Important of Learning SQL? In which jobs you need to know SQL?

please answer the following two questions:1- Why is it important to learn SQL? In which jobs you need to know SQL?2A- What is the definition of DML and DDL? Give examples in each case.2B- Consider the following two tables below: VENDOR and PRODUCT.Write a SQL statement for each of below:a) Show all Vendor names, vendor […]

Selling Goods and Gathering Information.

Auctions can be an important tool for selling goods and gathering information. Auctions are used in multiple venues including agriculture, eBay, and distressed asset sales. The seller does not have to worry about estimating demand and setting a price because the demanders will do that through the auction process.Write an essay examining the value of […]

Business IT- low code

Analyze the business potential of using low code or no-code software developmentYou have been asked by your management to write a report on the potential use of low code or no-code software development in your company. Please write 2 pages.

Topic 1: Customer satisfaction, loyalty & empowerment

Topic 1: Customer satisfaction, loyalty & empowermentRed Bull ( does this company do to build customer loyalty? As founder of energy drinks, Red Bull appeals to the consumers need to feel energized. This appeal alone is one that is parallel with athlete’s desire for a quick boost of energy. Their engagement, support and sponsorship of […]

Different types of price discrimination

Explain the different types of price discrimination. Then identify a real-world example of price discrimination (preferably not one from the unit lesson), and explain which type of price discrimination it is. Next, using the good from your own chosen price discrimination as an example, illustrate how the good fits the criteria necessary for successful price […]

 Stokes Eye Clinic

Respond to the following Issues for Review and Discussion:2-4. Explain the 5-out-of-5 test associated with vision statements.2-9. Critique the following vision statement by Stokes Eye Clinic: “Our vision is to take care of your vision.”2-21. Compare and contrast vision statements with mission statements in terms of composition and importance.

California real estate market crashed, Artisan Shutter Company

IntroductionWhen the California real estate market crashed, Artisan Shutter Company encountered severe cash flow problems. Half of the company’s customers started making late payments. Eventually, the company had to lay off 15% of its employees due to insufficient cash inflows.The primary purpose of the statement of cash flows is to provide details on the sources […]

Common Stock Trade

For the project, select a company with common stock traded on a public stock exchange (NYSE, NASDAQ, London (LSE), etc.). Submit your company selection with the stock exchange listing in the project .Prepare a financial analysis on the company using public information such as the company’s annual report, SEC 10-Q and 10-K. Evaluate the common […]

Attributes or Behaviours Differentiate”good” Negotiators from”poor” Negotiators

In your opinion, what attributes or behaviours differentiate”good” negotiators from”poor” negotiators? 2.In your own words, describe your approach to negotiating:  what do you typically think about and what do you usually do when faced with a negotiation with a conflict that could benefit from negotiating?  Only describe your approach here –do not criticize it or praise […]