Working with Extreme Customers

In Chapter 7 we discussed different approaches to use when working with extreme customers.  Using the terms and concepts from Chapter 7(: Gibson, Pattie. The World of Customer Service, 3rd Edition (2012). Cengage Learning.), answer the questions below in your own words: 1) Describe the “Quiet Customer” and list the five categories into which this […]

Business Short Answer Essay

Short answer essay with each question.    1.     What is strategic management? 2.     What five elements comprise the strategy formulation diamond? 3.     What are the fundamental and dynamic perspectives of competitive advantage? 4.     Who are a firm’s stakeholders? Why are they significant? 5.     How does strategy differ from vision and mission? 6.     What are the five […]

Marketing Issues Affecting Industry

Topic: Analysis of the Marketing Issues Affecting the Aviation Industry Due to Covid-19. Write the remaining 3-5 pages of your business report continuing with the organization/outline you developed in the last unit (Roman numerals, decimals, or simply by using consistent headings of the same size). The body is organized in a logical way so as […]

Business IT and Competition

Why do businesses need information technology?  What are the advantages and disadvantages you see within the organization? How can understanding the overall organization’s strategic goals aid in planning?  What are the potential problems? As a manager, you need to analyze information from a wide variety of sources.   What information do you need to make decisions?  Where would […]

Business Ethics and Willful Blindness

INSTRUCTIONS: The purpose of this case study is for the student to demonstrate an understanding of the circumstances in which willful blindness and the clear lack of business ethics exist. The student is expected to explore the relationship between willful blindness, business ethics and social responsibility. To successfully meet the requirements of this case study […]

Developing a Cultural Map

For a person who is assigned the task of developing a cultural map of Ecuador to be included in the prospectus to potential clients, there are multiple questions about the country that need to be answered. Questions: What sources about Ecuador should you consult to obtain cultural information about this country that will need to […]

Complementary Partners Paper

Assignment 2: Complementary Partners Due Week 6 and worth 200 points Please continue onto the attached file for an additional two pages and use the numbered points for each body paragraph respectively. Imagine you are working with a partner to plan and host a workshop on leadership. There will be 100 people attending. Within this […]

Multinational Company Project

Multinational Company Project Select a multinational company from one of the following world regions: 1. European Union and England 2. North America 3. Central/South America 4. Asia 5. Australia 6. Sub-Saharan Africa 7. Middle East/North Africa Once you have selected a world region, you must pick ONE of the following topics for your project: 1. […]

Testing the Hypothesis Research

Introduction Hypothesis testing is the formal process used to accept or reject the statistical hypotheses. Two types of statistical hypotheses exist: The null hypothesis annotated by Ho assumes sample observations are the result of purely random chance. The alternative hypothesis annotated by Ha or H1 states that sample observations are the result of and are […]

Practices for Effective Communication

Practices for Effective Communication Discussion Topic Practices for Effective Communication The basic components of delivering a message seem simple – sender composes message, selects a channel (face-to-face, email, phone, or other means), sends message, and receiver receives the message exactly as intended.  What could possibly go wrong? Review at least three scholarly articles that focus […]