Demystifying Chromatography

The paper should define and explain chromatography, include Gas and liquid chromatography. Emphasis should be on High Pressure liquid chromatography and Reverse Phase Chromatography. Please write the paper in your own words.

Forum 1

In the discussion provide constructive feedback to both worksheets I have attached and label them 1 and 2. Each response should be around 150 words and I will give you an example of a reply below. Provide examples from the text or external resources to support your comments.  Offer feedback where improvement can be made […]

Childhood – Adolescence

This Is The BooK NameThe life span Human Development for HelpingBy Patricia C CroderickBy BlewittNo I Don’t have the bookDevelopmental Analysis: Part 1 InstructionsChildhood – AdolescenceYou will use developmental theories and concepts to analyze your own developmental processes focusing on childhood and adolescence. Use a variety in your sentence structure and wording. You should not use direct quotes, but rather […]


How many moles of O2 are produced from the decomposition of 5.6  moles  of KClO3?

Variables of Gases

Which two variables of a gas are directly proportional or have a positive relationship with pressure?

Safety Considerations/Environmental Hazards/Risks and Benefits

Students will be required to submit five written assignments in a WORD or pdf document, each3 pages long, single-spaced, font 12, Times New Roman.A fourth page should list the references cited in the essay. I prefer you send a WORD document.Each essay will focus on material developed in the presentation of one module of the course.Each essay must be submitted before the Tuesday following the completion of […]


If 0.647 moles of O2 used how much moles CO2 are produced 

Chemistry Homework Help

PharmacologicalThe Instructor will assign ten (10) drug cards per week, in specific areas. Each card will be worth 1 point. You will not receive the points for the cards if they are not submitted within the week when due.Cards must be handwritten, legible, and on ruled index cards.All information required on the card must be […]

Chemistry Assignment

Calculate how many grams of aluminium chloride can be found from 50g of Aluminum reacting with chlorine gas at STP

Moles of Oxygen Gas.

How many moles of water vapor could be produced  if 6.34 moles of  heptane reacts with 17.050 moles of oxygen gas?