Strategy and performance

Requirements Using the information researched/collated in Formative Assessments 1, 2 and 3, produce an infographic / dashboard based on key and relevant market and industry trends occurring in the industry you analysed. Max 1500 words – rely primarily on graphics but use words to summarise and provide a story that links the visual ideas. Cite […]

Mediation and Arbitration

Write a paper that compares mediation and arbitration by explaining the function, role, and effectiveness of each in resolving conflicts.  Further compare the two conflict resolution methods by discussing the types of disputes that can be utilized by mediation and arbitration, and include examples. Finally, explain the drawbacks to using each conflict resolution method.   […]


Grading evaluation: Organization of speech:       A.  Introduction, Body, Conclusion — cohesive and clear       B.  Timing — You are allowed 15 seconds over/ under time constraints.  More than 15 seconds over and under  is an automatic deduction of 10 points       C.  Content — is the topic collegiate […]

Difficult conversation guide

Using the Difficult Conversation Guide on page 255 in the tenth edition or 245 in the ninth edition, you should prepare a difficult conversation. Strive to be concise in your responses to those items and complete this assignment in two pages. The outcome should be a better understanding of conflict and a useful tool for […]

Gender Ideology

I am attaching the paper assignment as well as an example of a paper that was written a few years ago for this class.

Methods Paper

Instructions for methods section:Hi all, We are now working on the method paper portion of the building block assignment. I wanted to send you the grading rubric so you can see what we use to grade the method papers and to give you some tips as you are working on your paper. I’ve also posted […]


InstructionsYou will be presented with a choice of two essay prompts and three related articles. You will need to prepare an essay of 350 to 500 words based on ONE of the prompts and integrating evidence from at least TWO of the articles. Your mark will reflect your ability to develop a thesis, organize your thoughts coherently, integrate […]

Reflect UNIT 2

In the Unit II Reflective Essay you will discuss your ability to give and receive FEEDBACK. Describe and discuss the ways in which you observe non-verbal feedback , and assess your ability to listen to and use verbal feedback from others. Are you defensive or open to feedback? Do you find it difficult to give feedback […]


Osborn and Osborn (1997) define persuasion this way: “the art of convincing others to give favorable attention to our point of view” (p. 415).   [Osborn, M., & Osborn, S. (1997). Public speaking (4th ed.). Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.] In a nutshell, persuasive speeches must confront the complex challenge of influencing or reinforcing peoples’ beliefs, attitudes, values, […]

Discussion board response

Respond to this post arguing towards self-control: Self-esteem is more important than self-control because without self-esteem, you cannot have self-control. The fuel behind what makes a person feel good about themselves, is self-esteem. It is what motivates people to get out of bed in the morning and live their lives. If people are not happy […]