Disorder Eating and Media Exposure Research

Disordered eating and media exposure among adolescent girls: the role of parental involvement and sense of empowerment https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02673843.2015.1014925 Discussion – Briefly summarize the overall goal of the study – What are (potential) societal/scientific implications of the study’s findings? – What are the limitations of this study? – What are some interesting future directions that the […]

Communication Discussion Paper

evaluate a message that George has sent to his instructor, Dr. Smithe. You will learn how writers adapt their messages to their audience and purpose. You will also learn what happens when a writer doesn’t keep their audience or purpose in mind. When we write something with the intent to share it with others, we […]

Controversial Commercials Advertising Strategy

Search for and watch controversial commercials from Cheerios or Honey Maid. Research one of these campaigns. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that addresses the following questions: What was the goal of the campaign? Was the campaign a success? Why? Include the factors upon which you based your analysis. Did any aspect of this campaign […]

Communication for Specific Audience

Pick a favorite snack food that requires you to take at least eight steps to prepare. Write 1–2 pages of instructions on how to fix the snack you picked. Imagine your audience is a group of third grade students, approximately 8–9 years of age. Along with your instructions (in the same document), write a 1-page […]

Communication Style Discussion

we are discussing and learning about the communication cycle and communication styles. Communication is a vital component to delivering customer service in any profession, and there are numerous categories to labeling communication styles. Using information from your assigned readings, online lectures, and from performing internet research on communication styles to determine your communication style. After […]

Communication and Gendered Communication Comparison

Write a 3 4-page analysis of the difference between communication and gendered communication, including personal and professional impact, the role of gender, and real-life application. This assessment requires you to conduct research and to apply gender communication theories to daily personal and professional experiences. By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in […]

Communication Types Scenarios

Read each scenario below and then determine the best type of communication to use in each situation. Describe in detail the type of communication (meeting, memo, phone call, email, etc.) you would use and explain why that would be the most effective method.Also, describe any potential barriers (e.g. generational, contextual, etc.) to communication in each […]

Technology and Language Discussion

Technology is affecting language drastically. Technology is taking away the basics of language. Fundamentals in communication and using language to send a clear message are being misused on a daily basis, most times multiple times a day. Technology, such as cell phones and social media applications, are causing messages to be misconstrued and misread. With the use […]

Informative Speech on Islamophobia

The InformativeSpeech Course Objectives: Students will differentiate between and deliver effective informative and persuasive presentations, and: a. locate, incorporate, and document key reference materials and modern information resources b. construct a preparation outline exemplifying the organizational structural techniques of an effective speech c. demonstrate ability to analyze audiences d. identify and use appropriate presentation technologies and […]