Media Analysis

For this media analysis, you will analyze how one part affects the whole media production. Note that you should select only a single piece of media; you should not be discussing more than one film, for example. You should choose one1 of the following parts to explore: ? Genre: Explain how the production you chose […]

Podcast Assignment

If you were to create a podcast and you had the opportunity to interview anyone, what well-known people would you invite on your show? What “ordinary” people would you invite on your show? What would you ask them? Why? Instructions: Your initial post (approximately 200-250 words) should address each question in the discussion directions and […]

Social Media Final Project

This Project will consist of two parts: a creative project + an explanatory paper. For your Final Project, you must produce a creative project involving performance — meaning, I would like you to perform something and capture your performance in either an audio recording or a video recording. And your performance must pertain to the […]

Intercultural Experience

For this assignment you are to plan an encounter with a culture other than your own, that you complete from now until the paper is due. You are expected to go outside of your comfort zone when choosing a culture, but under no circumstances should you take any risks or put yourself in danger. Yet, […]

Cultural Disparity Analysis

The purpose of this essay is to analyze a subculture with a social, economic, and/or political disparity within US American Culture. You will identify the following aspects of this culture: symbols and meanings, norms, and what type of culture this subculture identifies as (see pages 53-55 for more information) In addition, Choose 2-4 concepts (i.e. […]

Jonah Lehrer and the New Yorker

Plagiarism is not something that just might occur in college papers; there are social and financial consequences to plagiarism in the real world (CO4). Please review the following plagiarism cases: – Jayson Blair and the New York Times. – Jonah Lehrer and the New Yorker. – “Surfin’ USA” and “Sweet Little Sixteen.” Choose one of the above examples and answer the […]

essays on Social Media

Instructions for the first essay: Unit 8 – Social Media Plan Attached Files: File EMH280 Social Media Plan Assignment and Rubric.doc EMH280 Social Media Plan Assignment and Rubric.doc – Alternative Formats (37.5 KB) Due by Thursday 11:59pm EST Create a Social Media Plan for a local or state agency. You must include their current Social […]

Semiotic Analysis of racist Western and Eastern Advertisements

Have to complete a fourth year research paper that answers the following research question using semiotic analysis: Research Question: How are discriminatory sentiments and racist attitudes portrayed in advertisements in the Eastern and Western media, and in what ways are they similar or different when it comes to the underlying issue of racism against black […]

Field of Study Project

Goal:  The goal of this assignment is to choose a topic and create a research plan that will contribute to the Week 7 Field of Study Project.  Description:  we have read about two steps of the BIG6 model: task definition and information seeking strategies (CO1 & 2). As you consider the Week 7 Field of […]

Culture & Identity in a Visual Media Environment

I uploaded the presentations and if you need readings let me know. First question Choose a global event that has received wide media coverage by various media outlets over the past three years (2017-2020). The event could have taken place in your own country or anywhere else in the world. A linkto the event coverage should be attached (videoreportetc.). First, […]