Ethical Dilemma

In this modern economic era of tight budgets, cutbacks, and shortfalls in both budgets and staffs, most organizations are pressured to “do more with less”.  Customers and executive sponsors push projects  to complete earlier and cheaper, with less budget funding, but with the same scope and quality.  Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Agile and Extreme […]

Web Basics

What I need my topics to talk about are: Identify the history and evolution of the web. Demonstrate an understanding of the basics of websites, function of hypertext (HTTP(s) and URLs, and basics of HTML. Demonstrate building a website and the use of web development tools.

Computer Applications

intro to computer applications on Microsoft access, Microsoft word and microsoft excel

Cyber-security Discussion Paper

The Chief of Staff will be hosting a working lunch this week for your group of interns. In addition to the usual introductions and “getting to know you” discussions, you’ve been advised that there will be a discussion of the following article. Each intern has been asked to write and bring a discussion paper […]

Smart Mobile Technologies Transportation Systems

Smart Mobile Technologies in Intelligent Transportation Systems Emerging smart mobile technologies have the potential to enhance the functionality of transportation systems, improving a community’s livability and quality of life. Cities and counties rely on their transportation systems to enable both work and play. The potential application scenario may include one of the following: • Smart […]

Big Data & Database Systems

Question 1 Read the following example relations carefully and using SQL statements answer the questions that follow: Example Relations LSBU Travel Agents Customer (cust_num, cust_name, dob) Flight (flight_num, from_airport, to_airport, flight_datetime, cost) Reservation (cust_num*, flight_num*, res_datetime, agent_num*) Travel_Agent (agent_num, agent _name, city) NOTE:Primary Keys are indicated by bold underlined text. Foreign Keys are indicated by […]

Software Design Specification Document

In this assignment, you need to create a Software Design Specification (SDS) document based on the first three phases of this project. Once your SDS is completed your team should be able to move on to system implementation using your designs as a blueprint. To assist you with completing this document, please examine the following […]

Going Green Research Paper

A growing trend is the concept of supporting green initiatives and sustainability. It is now becoming easier to support these initiatives with mobile apps that support green lifestyles. Search the Internet and write a short paper (400-500 words, not including in-text citations and reference list) identifying at least five mobile apps that will help you […]

Machine Learning Writing

Give some examples of sequential decision making problems. Can you see how buy/sell decisions for a stock or other security might be addressed with reinforcement learning?

Cyber Incidents Review

Cyber incidents are a leading global business risk in 2020 and cyber threats are constantly evolving, getting smarter and more sophisticated. Provide your opinion on whether you believe that Malware poses a significant risk from an incident response perspective? Give examples of global Cyber incidents that occurred in the last 6 months that impacted the […]