Police Brutality

Main points: Officer training, Race, Effective, Ineffective. The draft must follow APA formatting and include the following pages: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Main Points (titles vary per topic), Conclusion, Sources/References, and Assignment Reflection. Again your final page it the Assignment Reflection which includes your personal evaluation of the issue, and supports your position by answering the […]

Government Surveillance Debate

One group will argue that special surveillance of citizens is warranted in a time of terrorist threats to the United States, and will be assigned to the Pro Debate Team. The other group will argue that the PATRIOT Act, secret searches and surveillance by the National Security Agency violate the Fourth Amendment and other civil […]

Crime Trends in Society

I am seeking a six-page essay on criminology with the focus being on crime trends in today’s society

Arresting and Questioning Juveniles

In 3-4 paragraphs, explain the arrest and questioning procedures in regard to juveniles. Should juveniles be treated differently in these types of situations?  Cite sources

Liability Minimization Discussion

An employer temporarily suspended a police officer without pay on the ground that he saw his picture on a friend’s Facebook page drinking alcohol while wearing his police uniform. The employee denied that it was him in the picture and alleged that somebody digitally changed his face in order to defame him. Forensic experts were unable to ascertain whether […]

Types of Deterrence

300 words discuss deterrence, specific deterrence, and general deterrence.  Provide examples of each.  Please include proper citations.

Probation and Parole Writing

You are employed by a non-profit group that works with parolees who are attempting to reenter the community. Your boss has asked you to prepare a report that identifies the obstacles these offenders will encounter. You should address housing and employment, of course, but you must look deeper into other issues, including the following: • […]

Death Penalty Discussion

In November (2016) voters in California failed to pass Proposition 62 that would have repealed the death penalty and approved Proposition 66 which is intended to speed up the death penalty process, clearly showing the majority of California voters still prefer the death penalty as an option. What do you think of the outcome of […]

Criminal Theories Research

Overview Theories are not very helpful if you do not feel comfortable using them to analyze criminal behavior. The research essay provides you the opportunity to select a criminal that interests you and look at their actions through a criminological lens. Instructions The research paper requires students to select a famous criminal and explain their […]