Dance Video Review

Above is a link to part of one of the most well know classical ballets, “Romeo and Juliet”.  Using our two ballet terminology sheets and the ballet synopsis provided below, please write about the following: Provide historical context for the Ballet. Use the source provided as a starting point and explore as many sources as […]

hip hop dance by jeff chang

2 pages based on “its a hip hop world” by Jeff chang? It has to be written like i wrote it and it must include how it inspired me in some way… I would need it by Wednesday -what you(i) walked away with from the story -if something inspired me (u) -did u ( I […]

YOGA/Concentration and meditation

Using 12-point font and double spacing, type your answers to the following questions: 1) Explain why posture is important for concentration/meditation. How do asana and pranayama prepare us to practice concentration/meditation? 2) What is the difference between concentration and meditation? 3) Describe your personal experiences with concentration and/or meditation so far – either from the […]