Rabbit Hole Play Analysis

Outline: EXPOSITION/GIVEN CIRCUMSTANCES Time (specific year, season, time of day etc.) Place (geographical and specific) Atmosphere and Environment – list specific information given by the playwright about the world of the play and cite page numbers (at least five). Socioeconomic status of the main characters Important cultural factors (at least three) Spirituality /Religion (present or […]

stand up comedy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi7SeBI7z9A here is an example.  just make it easy to speech.  this is not an essay.  you can write something general. (dont be like in  the video, I was born into a criminal family)

Post Modern film

There are postmodern films and postmodern ways of looking at films. In class we’ve watched “The Royal Tenenbaums” which most viewers would consider a postmodern film. Can you describe the features of this film that reflect elements of postmodernism? How are these revealed thematically and technically? What other films would you select if you were […]

End-of-Course Essay

Please write accroding to the grading rubric and pick at lease one artist from these two readings.