Macroeconomics Data Report

Assume you are working for an economic consultancy firm and are preparing a market outlook report for your corporate clients. You are comparing the impact of Covid-19 on the international economic situation of New Zealand to the international economic situation of another country of your choice. Note that you are studying each country, and then […]

Immigration on America’s Economic System

Discuss immigration and its effects on America’s economic system.Times New Roman 12 point font. Use APA format for your paper (an “abstract” is not required). Create a reference page using APA style formatting to list all sources used.

Tax Cut and Jobs Act 2017

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act, 2017 The changes made by the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, 2017 to the tax provisions have changed tax rate for 2018 and people are getting a first hand experience of what it means to them. Go over the Act and address the questions below: What are the major […]

Price Ceiling Research

During times of natural disasters, price ceilings are often employed to keep prices low for consumers. We most often see this with gasoline but also see it with other goods. Starting with your textbook and then incorporating additional research: Discuss what economic theory happens with a binding price ceiling. Draw a supply and demand graph […]

Keynesian Macroeconomic Policies

Write not more than a four-page, doubled -spaced 12 sized Arial font report in which you detail the evolution and implementation of Keynesian Macroeconomic policies and your understanding from having read the final chapters on Fiscal and Monetary policies discussed in the textbook. Cite historical examples of effective Keynesian policies as they have been enacted […]

Relatable Microeconomic

Discuss one microeconomic issue covered in class that personally relates to you.  The microeconomic issue that personally relates to me is “Rising Prices of a Specific Good, Service, or Resource.” Collect articles from magazines, newspapers, radio, podcasts, etc. (these can be electronic versions) that relate to your microeconomic issue you describe. You will need 3 articles […]

Macroeconomic Variables Overview

Provide an overview consisting of a brief description of the chosen company, your chosen product or service, and annual sales. Describe three macroeconomic variables in the United States that impact the supply and demand of your chosen product or service. Using graphs in Excel, interpret the trends of the three selected macroeconomic variables for the […]

Economic Issue Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation Assignment and Rubric 8 – 10 slides; 10 minutes 100 Points for 10% of the grade Post in the Week 8: Assignments by Sunday at midnight The assignment is a 10 minute PowerPoint Presentation in class on Week 8 on a current U.S. economic issue. The paper should include the following: Title Page Introduction – describe the current issue […]

Macroeconomics Analysis Discussion

Macroeconomics..I have 5 subjects that needs to cover 10 pages APA style.. Evaluate the historical relationship between unemployment and inflation. (hint: You may start from A.W. Phillips’s finding of the relationship between unemployment and inflation.) Distinguish between the short-run and the long-run in a macroeconomic analysis. Why is the relationship between unemployment and inflation different […]

Product Market Analysis

you are required to pick a product or service you use in your everyday life and describe the market for this product. Please make sure to address the following questions: 1. What factors influence the demand for this product? What factors influence the supply of this product? 2.How have these changes in supply and demand […]