Educational Psychology

1. Should creativity be considered part of intelligence/ how would you define creativity, particularly in school -age children? Remember to support your assertions using the concepts in educational psychology and the textbook. How does this relate to the idea of multiple intelligence (MI)? 2. Do you think lesson plans should incorporate ways to foster and […]

Conceptual Grounding in Discipline Reading Reflection

SYNTHESIZE do NOT talk about discipline authorities individually, but discuss similarities and differences.  You will submit an electronic journal of written reflections tied to your readings to help you clarify and define your philosophy and theory of classroom management and assist you in developing and organizing your personal discipline system. You will record and reflect […]

Adolesent Development Brochure

Understanding the major theories, principles, issues, and application of adolescent development.  Understanding concepts to prepare for communication with families and the developmental milestones of their children.  550-word digital brochure for future students, parents, and families.  Preparing them regarding the major developmental milestones they can expect to see in their child. ( I will add pictures and […]

Developing action plan

Case Study: Developing an Action Plan Assignment Instructions Develop an Action Plan for Addressing the Problem (Intervention).  This assignment requires more than just some suggestions or ideas.  Include pertinent information such as who, when, what, where. 1.     Create a multi-dimensional action plan of intervention. a.     What can—or should—you do structurally to address this problem? b.     […]

Culturally Relevant Methods

As an early childhood educator or early childhood administrator you have such an important role in supporting each and every child in your care. Prior to writing this assignment, review the Teaching Children Cultural Competence in Early Childhood Education  (Links to an external site.)  article and Chapters 1 and 2 of your text. Then search for […]

Problem Statement in Higher Education

Introduction Develop and describe a research problem as the guiding principal for the EDU541 research paper. To help you draft your problem statement, review the 5 steps and sample problem statement within: How to: Write a Problem Statement. Activity Instructions You should formulate a succinct statement of the purpose of your research and justify its […]