Christian Concepts Discussion

Topic: Christian Concepts – Promoting Positive Classroom Management Prompt: As public and Christian school teachers and administrators, what do you believe our Christian role should be in reaching those with behavioral challenges? Feel free to use any of the following biblical concepts or any other scriptures that you like: The Great Commission – Matthew 28:19–20 Making Disciples […]

School Principals Motivational Factors

Using the self determination theory to determine how School Principals motivational factors affect the success of their schools.  References 2018 and beyond.

Quality Teaching and Learning

School systems throughout the world acknowledge that the quality of teaching is the most critical in-school factor impacting on student outcomes (Gore, et al., 2017 p. 99). OVERVIEW PLEASE REFER TO DOCUMENT DTL CRITERIA AND REFERENCE In this first assignment, you will write an essay on the foundation concepts covered in DTL in the context […]

Social Stratification Essay

the Australian Curriculum, intercultural understanding is defined as encouraging ’students to make connections between their own worlds and the worlds of others, to build on shared interests and commonalities, and to negotiate or mediate difference’ (ACARA). Critically discuss the impact of difference and intercultural understanding on teaching and learning. Your essay must address the statement […]

Theory of Teaching and Learning

Personal Philosophy and Theory of Teaching and Learning   Philosophies develop over time through reading and research. Philosophies also change over time through experiences. In this paper, you will address learning theories as well as the connections in teaching and learning through coaching, mentoring, and collaboration through your concise statement of a philosophy of teaching […]

Teaching Discussion

What are the characteristics of a good teacher?  What are the characteristics of a weak teacher? Is a good teacher the opposite of a weak teacher, or is there more going on than that? Are there different kinds of good teachers? If so, how would you classify them?

Nature of the Adolescent Learner

Write a research paper on the nature of the adolescent learner that includes learning theories applicable to adolescent learners, instructional strategies that are the most appropriate for this age group and stages of adolescence and their impact on student learning. Address the topics In terms of your major (Biology is my major) The paper must […]

Culture and Context in Education

As educators/trainers we must continue to strive to appreciate our learners and their diverse ways of knowing. Each individual brings to the table a set of unique circumstances that shape their world. Developing instruction/training that provides relevant, meaningful and timely information that encompasses self-directed learning and transformational learning experiences while holding true to the concepts of andragogy […]

Apprenticeships Article Review

Apprenticeships used to provide a huge source of well trained, highly paid, satisfied workers. There is a great article to read here.  Please read this article and do your own research to educate yourselves to best help your students learn about apprenticeships. Are there any available in your area? ( there are not an in my small town, but […]

RTI Special Education

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a method schools often use to help determine if a child is in need of special education services. What types of data can RTI provide, and how can such data be used to help determine a student’s best educational setting? Be specific.