Smart Technologies Design

We need to design a system for traffic congestion / smart parking that the input is at least three to four sensors. Choosing the sensors are very important from cost, installation, maintenance, performance, weather, and so on.  Data acquisition is the next step, we need to know the output signal characteristics to design the correct […]

Transportation Planning and Infrastructure Design

The purpose of the research paper is to understand transportation planning and infrastructure design for the movement of people and goods. The paper must 1) Discuss Toronto Premier, Doug Ford’s concept of Open for business – How open for business will impact infrastructure planning and improvements. The open for business modal aims to foster an […]

Bomb Defusal

Hi, i am working on a lab called Bomb Defusal but do not have the time to finish it. The goal is to step through ARM assembly code using GDB and find the hidden phrases to defuse the bomb, there are 4 different phrases to find. I have attached the instructions given along with the […]

Engineering Homework Help

Question Under Consideration:Identify two developmental experiences you have had that may have strengthened your ability to lead. What did those experiences teach you and how have you shared what you have learned with others? Be specific.

Telecommunication Engineering Homework Help

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that demonstrates an example of poor intercultural communication that significantly affected international commerce or foreign policy.Illustrate the lack of intercultural communication by clearly defining cultural patterns (theories, identity, and bias, for example) and communication devices (such as communication foundations and taxonomies) between two cultures. Select one or two intercultural communication theories […]

Aerospace engineering project

I need the attached project to be completed. I will attach the prompt and an example of the project that has been done.I have done the writing part and the mathlab portion. might need adjustment but if approved ill provide them as well.

Telecommunications Engineering homework help

Objectives: The objective is to learn how to develop secure applications. Also, you will learn about the importance of formal testing, validation, and configuration management process. Finally, you will apply the lessons learned to develop your own environments and start making your application software.DQ1: Briefly discuss the best practice for MS windows and application development […]

Management Oversight Risk Tree Analysis

Now that you have a good background in systems safety, let’s put all that newfound knowledge to good use and do a complete analysis of a system. Pick any system you are somewhat familiar with. It can be something you work with on a daily basis or it can be something you just read that […]