Robot Controlling System

Using EHA to control the robot joint/knee SCI paper on Robot control position by using Electro-Hydrostatics Actuator EHA I want a paper of SCI on the topic of (using electro-hydrostatics Actuator EHA to control the robot joint/knee)

Engineering Management

Assume that the pandemic is over and you are considering opening up a coffee bar with several of your friends. What kind of organizational structure might you use? What are your justifications for the structure you recommend? After the coffee bar becomes successful, you decide that expanding the number of branches might be a good idea. What changes to the structure might you make? You may want to use appropriate charts and/or diagrams in your answer, as you deem necessary.

Wind Turbine Technology Discussion

discuss the following:  1. Small wind turbines provide wind energy close to where it is needed  2. They can be installed easily on buildings in urban and suburban areas 3. Can offer decentralised local source of energy reducing the energy costs associated with long-distance electricity transmission from power plants.  4. Find research literature that has assessed vertical axis wind turbine energy potential

Types of Engineering Materials

Write a report of the types of Main materials and the feature of each type and the differences and have an example for each type the types are :  1. metals     2. ceramics      3. polymer    4.  composite  Ferrous and none ferrous

Smart Technologies Design

We need to design a system for traffic congestion / smart parking that the input is at least three to four sensors. Choosing the sensors are very important from cost, installation, maintenance, performance, weather, and so on.  Data acquisition is the next step, we need to know the output signal characteristics to design the correct one. We need one data acquisition for many sensors it is called multiplexing. Then we need to design the processing unit and communication. Focus on characteristics for the sensor. I am living in Seattle USA so I see the below sensors are suitable according to task 2.2 that I will attach. Please if you have a new list for 2015 and above for sensors costs please update it for me in task 2.2 in the table. I put it for 1999. I am trying to use  traffic/video camera with a video image processor (first sensor) The second sensor is the Microwave radar sensor. The third one is the electrochemical sensor to measure the gases. The fourth one is GPS or Bluetooth to measure the travel time, and delay. The microcontroller is the best I think for processing units with Arduino microcontrollers because it is easier one.  In the second proposal, Smart parking can use a camera sensor and maybe an ultrasonic and electrochemical sensor.

Project Closing and Reporting

Project Closing and reporting ·         Summary level description of the project phase, ·         Scope objectives, the criteria used to evaluate the scope. And evidence that the completion criteria were met ·         Quality objectives, the criteria used to evaluate the project and product quality, the verification and actual milestone delivery dates, and reasons for variances ·         Cost objectives, including the acceptable cost range, actual costs and reasons for any variances ·         Summary of the validation information for the final product, service, or result. ·         Schedule objectives including whether results achieved the benefits that the project was undertaken to address ·         Summary of how the final product, service, or result achieved the business needs identified in the business plan. ·         Summary of any risks or issues encountered on the project and how they were addressed

Transportation Planning and Infrastructure Design

The purpose of the research paper is to understand transportation planning and infrastructure design for the movement of people and goods. The paper must 1) Discuss Toronto Premier, Doug Ford’s concept of Open for business – How open for business will impact infrastructure planning and improvements. The open for business modal aims to foster an environment of economic development (small businesses, goods movement, employment) and infrastructure improvements. 2) Explain Multimodal oriented Development (MMOD) and it’s benefits 3) How transportation policy impacts the planning process 4) Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) • Smart Corridors • Intelligent Parking 5) Summarize ITE’s Curbside Management ( 6) Explain Mobility as a service and it’s benefits Do not need conclusion paragraph

Quality Management

Can’t be plagiarized  5 credible sources 800-1000 words Word document follow the format Friday by midnight? Quality Management is it Effective?   Eric Mitchell Professional Studies, Southwestern College CORE110: Information Literacy Judy Bastin Rough draft                           Quality Management is it Effective?   Research Question: I. Quality Management is a desirable function in the manufacturing enterprise. II. Evidence with numbers A. Qualitative and Quantitative data once there is a target set, everything is broken down to time and numbers. B.  Continuous Improvement  A goal of improve the way things get done. III.    Cost for Quality A. Price  To improve on the process and make them better B.  Rejections  After the standard or limits are made checkpoints are in place to make sure the customers are satisfied IV. Evidence decision making A. Using data to prove things work or where to improve B. Time factor  C. Customer satisfaction V. Conclusion A.  When done correctly can better the process B.  New areas of business are using the culture    Https:// (n.d.). Retrieved from Freeman, G. (2019, February 01). What is Quality Management and Why Does it Matter? Retrieved November 16, 2020, from

Corrugate Box

Write a report about corrugate box for shiiping apple. Find out that using c-flute, single face, and 44ect box is good for shiping apple. Because of covid-19 so we couldnot meet at lad. so we find the propertie of linerboard and medium of the corrugated online then set Set up accurate model in FEA to do the s ect and mullen. Report should have: -Table of Contents in Report – the Current Technology – Write Concept Generation, Evaluation, and Selection – Write Final Conceptual Design – Write Codes and Standards  Write Executive Summary – Write Introduction – Edit Design Problem Definition – Edit Current Technology – Write Modelling and Analysis – Write Considerations – Write Teamwork – Write Future Work

Haemoglobin Electrophoresis Device for Anaemia

The assignment is three parts- Part one is writing about the device itself(all the information, technical details, its updates, how to use it, its types in the market)- Part two is about”What are the things that can be developed? one of these we can connect the device to a government program that existed in Saudi Arabia. It is called as Absher. It makes the data entering easy and better for prenuptial examination because we want to connect this device with Absher system to avoid manipulating the results during a prenuptial examination to hide the presence of severe anemia, since the results entered manually so there will be manipulate.”What are the new generations for this device?” “What are the new developments that under research?” – Part three is about Saudi Arabia market needs for this device, how to improve it to be suitable for this market needs (Add some pictures for expected design), how much is this needed in Saudi Arabia market?PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE REFERENCES ARE EVERY SENTENCE.