Modern Indian English Fiction

Specifications and requirements for the Research Paper Novels taken up for study in the proposed Research paper are as follows: RAVAN AND EDDIE (R&E) TRILOGY which consists of the following 3 novels. 1. Ravan and Eddie 2. The Extras 3. Rest in Peace Author: KIRAN NAGARKAR Academic Level: Ph.D. Research Paper competent to be published […]

World of Poetry

write a 4-6 page (1,000-1,500 words) essay. Your essay should thoughtfully and thoroughly analyze the texts listed for each question, being informed with concrete evidence and support from our textbook. You will want to have an engaging and original title and introduction with an arguable thesis. Body paragraphs should be organized with topic sentences and […]

Importance of Being Earnest

Reading Response Papers: Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest  Each response should be at least 800 words (no longer than 1000 words) and double-spaced. Submit papers to the Turnitin slot on Moodle. Your paper should directly address one or more readings assigned for that week that the paper is due. You can choose to focus […]

Gracchus Brothers

Please read the file attached (do not use any other source) and answer :1) Who were the Gracchus brothers and what were they trying to achieve? What were their fates? (min. 200 words)2) “Five Good Emperors” and why they were considered so. (min. 200 words)Extra Credit: What did Augustus and his successors put everywhere? (min […]

Analysis Paper

What should you do? Write a literary analysis essay that utilizes the frameworks of multiple schools of literary criticism to compare and contrast the quests of the heroes in the following works of art: 1. Albert in Richard Hills’ Albert and his Women and Albert and more women. 2. Helene Cixous in her feminist essay […]

Genogram and Ecomap Assignment (Links to an external site.) PLEASE READ THIS WEBSITE. IT WILL GIVE YOU CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS. A genogram is a helpful tool in understanding family structure and dynamics. It is a visual mapping of ALL identifying data including: Names, ages, School/Occupation, Medical, Deaths and reasons, marriages/div (and dates), where reside, where from – AND KEY. […]

Film Analysis

Omi and Winant state that “For most of its existence…the U.S. was a racial dictatorship…It is important to recognize that in many respects, racial dictatorship is the norm against which all U.S. politics must be measured” (179). Cammarota argues that white saviors represented in popular media overshadow the fact that people of color are a […]

 Feminist Criticism

This can be between 2-3 paragraphs or little over. Make sure to quote from “The Yellow Wallpaper” and from Feminist Criticism. Link to story: “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman ?According to the section on “Feminist Criticism” from your text (A16-A17), “Like Marxist criticism[…], feminist criticism derives from a critique of a history […]

film analysis on the movie 2012

A.  The purpose of this assignment is to analyze a western, science-fiction or noir film according to concepts from chapters 2, 8, and 9.B.  Students should draw upon text material and will show an ability to synthesize text material with personal observations.C.  Papers must include, but are NOT limited to:     -What film was chosen and […]

Short story analysis

In this assignment, you are required to write a short literary analysis of ONE of the short stories. Your analysis must be about 1250-1500 words (4-5 double spaced pages). Part of your writing task can include research of your subject, consisting of historical or thematic information, biographical information about authors, or literary criticism. All your citations (from the literature and from […]