Character First Person Talk

I need a speak presentation with introduction, body and conclusion. the topic could be free but the requirement in this speech is talk about an specific story of a character ( as the character is telling the history), and in the conclusion talk as a first person saying how that character change my life.  The […]

Debate Article Summary

1. Article Summary ? Have you communicated the source’s purpose? ? Have you included all of the source’s main points? ? Have you restated the source’s argument in your own words? 2. Article Response ? Have you provided your perspective on the source’s argument? ? Have you used specific examples from the source to illustrate […]

Sustainability and Food

Topic: Conversations About Sustainability and Food Eric Schlosser’s essay “Fast Food Nation” sets off a great many conversations about the ways that America’s fast-food mentality has affected not only our physical health, but also the societal health of our culture in the United States. Schlosser provides his readers with a long list of “what fast […]

Yoga and Academic Excellence

please read the requirement, MLA Basics, and also I offer some clue for you.  For this paper is that research about Yoga and Academic excellence. This research is a focus research college student, and  I want you to focus on researching how yoga affects your body and brain to improve your score at college. 

Argumentative Essay Paper

Topic: Should prostitution be legalized throughout the United States? Before you begin your essay, you should choose which stance you will take on the topic (i.e., are you for the topic, against it, or some combination of both). Then, develop a strong, specific thesis that argues a specific claim about that topic (i.e., don’t simply […]

Argumentative Essay on Articles

Write a 4-5 page argumentative paper on the following topic Should Colleges Offer Safe Spaces for Students? from The Bedford Reader. You must use the following articles from The Bedford Reader to support your thesis and claims: “Weary Oracle” by Dawn Lundy Martin, “Blanket Security” by Thomas Chatterton Williams, and “What Happened to Free Speech […]

Summary and Rhetorical Analysis

Summary – 1 page, Rhetorical Analysis – 2 pages. summary and rhetorical analysis of “In praise of The F Word” by Marry Sherry. Please use appeal to logos, ethos and pathos for the rhetorical analysis.

Play Comparison and Contrast Essay

The plays are: a raisin in the sun by lorraine hansberry Rodeo by jane martin Please check the links below and the file attached

Letter of Complaint Writing

Write a letter of complaint. Follow the rules for a formal letter, and use the full-block style. the complaint may be about anything you wish such as poor building maintenance, or disruptive noises from a nearby business.  Please note that a form letter or a template cannot be used in constructing your response. when a […]