Developed and Developing Nations

One argument in the debate surrounding globalization is about the inequality between developed and developing nations. Explain how reduced barriers to trade and investment might help reduce this inequality.

Understanding Environmental Health in Totality

Understanding Environmental Health in Totality Now that you have understood the impact of environmental factors on human health, create a 7- to 10- page Microsoft Word document addressing the following questions: Describe three waterborne diseases and suggest methods for their prevention. Provide one example of a toxic chemical that may enter the public water supply? […]

Enviromental science

You’ve been working to meet your pledge goals for a month now. It’s time to document and reflect on your success. Submit a final accounting of your progress using factual data collected or observed throughout the term (qualitative and/or quantitative). How did you monitor your progress? What improvements are you considering? Close with a reflection. […]

Environmentally friendly house

The instructions as the teacher tells us are: Using reference materials from any of the 11 units in this course, or from elsewhere on the web or your local library, imagine yourself building a home in an extremely remote area, away from power lines.  Discuss how you would plan for all of your necessities such […]

environmental issue that interests you

Choose an environmental issue that interests you.  What is the contaminant and where is it most commonly found? What is its most common rote of exposure? Who does it affect? What are the health concerns for this contaminant? What is being done about this environmental hazard/exposure?

An Inconvenient Sequel- Truth to Power

An Inconvenient Sequel- Truth to Power Please leave off the question and just put the answer (but make sure to include the question number). Answer in complete sentences. Use line breaks between answers. You do not need to reference your answer. However, make sure to put answer in your own words. Here are some added […]

Environmental Justice and Neighborhood Drilling

In this paper it should have (FINAL DRAFT CHECKLIST):  1. An exhaustive introduction to this EJ organization ( 2. A comprehensive definition of environmental justice and injustice based on course readings This will serve as your “theoretical framework” by which you evaluate the EJ org under study (STAND LA) and thus should be relevant to the […]

Sustainably Communities

The essay will be about how Cleveland, Ohio is developing a more sustainable city. Sustainable development has been defined as balancing human needs with the protection of the natural environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but in the indefinite future. There are many communities that have used the […]

Questions on Food Justice

From the sources uploaded, the TED talk video (, and the podcast (, answer the following questions:  1. Using at least two readings (texts and audio or video), explain how food justice is as much about capitalism as it is about community. 2. Drawing on Pilgrim, explain how consumption practices are gendered. 3. From Vandana Shiva’s […]

Ecological sanitation

AMA FORMAT, instructions below, rubric and article attached You are required to respond to the questions provided below with a total of 200–250 words in current AMA format.     Short Essay: ·      Describe 3 possible ecological sanitation solutions for lesser economically developed countries. Also discuss challenges for implementation of these solutions. ·      The essay must […]