Life Cycle Analysis

Do an image search on the internet for “Life Cycle Analysis”  and select one of the flow charts/images that you find.  It can be either a general flow chart for how Life Cycle Analysis works or it can an example from a specific industry or product.  Either way, do not use the same image or example […]

Global Warming Paper

I’m in favor to protect and show the people about the danger of global warming. – Your sources can include: o Books o Academic Journals / Articles o Verifiable Interviews – It cannot include o Websites that are not official academic pages such as that of universities o Wikipedia o Online essays from other students

Emergency Planning Discussion

The CDC has great resources for health care organizations and other businesses as well. You can view these resources at the CDC’s emergency planning website ( Choose one of the types of natural disaster and devise an action plan to prepare your local community for this disaster. Prepare a professional proposal to presen to your […]

Environmental Management Discussion

Do some internet research searching on the topics of remote sensing and GIS for environmental management or research purposes.  From your results, select one general type of remote sensing/GIS or one specific environmental example and summarize it in a fully-developed forum posting.  Be sure to discuss the pros and cons of the one you are […]

Equine Studies

what do you see as the two most pressing concerns related to the impact that the equine industry has on the environment, including access to open space for recreation?  Use external sources to support your position, and explain your reasoning.  I will attach reading links Only needs to be 2-3 Paragraphs:)

Science on Forest Article Review

Read  the article, A Synthesis of the Science on Forest and Carbon for U.S. Forests (Links to an external site.), by Ryan et al. Then write a 1 SINGLE SPACE page essay that a) introduces the topic covered in the article and b) describes the tradeoffs (benefits and costs) of three (3) different strategies for sequestering carbon in […]

Health Hazard due to Pollution

Health Hazards due to Air and Water Pollution Water is an essential element of life on earth. A human being can survive for only about one week without water. As the global population expands and increasing industrialization creates ever-growing demands for water, supply of this vital commodity has become endangered. Just as water, clean air […]

Sustainable Communities Overview

The essay will be about how Cleveland, Ohio is developing a more sustainable city. Sustainable development has been defined as balancing human needs with the protection of the natural environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but in the indefinite future. There are many communities that have used the […]

Global Warming Research

global warming- Research and discuss what the major consequences of global warming are. There are many countries where the change of climate has already affected animal populations and the diminishing of natural resources. Still the topic of global warming is controversial. Some people do not believe that global warming is caused by humans. Research and […]

Arctic Policy Recommendation

-Answer the prompt in a 5-6 page memo, 12 font, double-spaced.  -Graded on your analysis and how you support your recommendations, not the positions you take.  -Memo should include a very short background section and an analysis section, and it should end