Linda Her Core Essay Structure 

Linda Her Core Essay Structure  Model Sheet  —  –  +  –  Thesis Statement — A thesis statement is the main idea of your essay, and simply put, it is a statement plus an opinion. I’d like you to take a look at the thesis matrix below and complete it. I will also have a prompt […]

Argrumentive essay

This is an argrumentive essay i have done most of the work i just need you to review it and add the detail in the instructions below. It should be 4–5 pages (1,000–1,200 words) in length (not including Title, Abstract, and References pages)/  Incorporate feedback from others with revised writing.  Assemble your essay in the […]

Dividend Policy Theory Analysis

Unit IV Essay OpenWeight: 19% of course gradeGrading RubricInstructionsDividend Policy Theory AnalysisMultiple theories presented in the Unit IV Lesson influence dividend policy decisions, which affect the price of a stock. Imagine that you are a stockholder, and choose one of these theories. Thoroughly explain its strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to specifically evaluate the impact […]

write a short essay

Select a claim you feel very strongly about and write a short essay explaining what you take to be the best reasons for that claim. For further work, keep this essay on file, and go back to it for a critical assessment at the end of this course. By the way, never forget to give […]

Essay on my opinion on a Video

Watch the video:  “The Confessions” Answer the following using the text readings and video as guides: 1.  Develop a chronological list (dates and events) of the crimes, pleas and outcomes of each of the confessions and their process through the judicial system. 2.  Discuss which of the Constitutional Amendments were violated for each of […]

foundations of an army leader

leadership essay must be pertaining to the army doctrine publication ADP 6-22. the essay consists of a title page, abstract, body, conclusion, and three outside references. the title page and references do not count towards the 5 pages. grading will be conducted on content, punctuation, grammar and APA formatting.

The Rhetorical Strategies Persuasive Essay

This was the first paragraph that I was going to use. I feel like this should give you an Idea of what kind of essay we are supposed to write. Voting is an especially important part of the American experience. That is why I am running for the State House of North Carolina. The positions […]

Scholarship essay

An essay, no more than 1,200 words, that describes the applicant’s future plans, his/her commitment to a career in construction management, and how his/her experience aligns with the mission and vision of the CMAA Foundation