Walmart Financial Analysis

Write a short financial report about Walmart. include a financial analysis of the company. include a paragraph of the history of the company. include a paragraph of the company’s financial statement. 12″, Times new roman, double spaced.

Insurance Stock

INSURANCE STOCK PAPER I will judge your performance solely on how the quality of the information you provide.  DO NOT SIMPLY COPY MATERIAL FROM THE INTERNET WITHOUT PROPER CITATION OR YOU WILL FAIL THE COURSE.   Your paper should be submitted for review at You will need to create an account there and then submit an electronic copy before the deadline. INSURANCE STOCK PAPER Pick a US-based, publicly-traded insurance company.  You are to produce a report about the company you chose that includes the following: Company News A Chart of the Company’s Stock Performance Accounting Ratio Analysis (see other documents) A Description of the Company What YOU Find Interesting About the Company The Company’s Competitors The Future Outlook for This Company Anything Else You Find Relevant ALL FINANCIALS MUST BE FROM September 30, 2020, and after so the numbers are current. Accounting Ratios Here are the Four Accounting Ratios You Need in Your Paper: Loss Ratio = (Losses + Loss Adjustment Expenses)/Net Premiums Earned Expense Ratio = Underwriting Expenses/Net Premiums Written Return on Equity = Net Income/Owners Equity Loss Reserves-to-Surplus Ratio = ALL Loss Reserves/Surplus (Surplus is also known as owners’ equity or net worth) (Reserves are the sum of claims reserves, case reserves, unpaid losses, UPR) Please think about the importance of each. you do the best you can and explain what you did.

Small Business Finance

In Discussion Forum 4, post your response to the following discussion topic. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses by the date indicated in the Course Calendar. Select a local business and discuss the type of forecasting model you believe will be most beneficial to that business making sure to expand on the benefits that forecast method provides.

International Finance

Current event project: You will read and prepare summaries of at least 25 articles from the Wall Street Journal or a similar source of international financial information. Each article must deal with some aspect of International Finance. Summaries must be at least ½ page of a standard 8.5 x 11-inch Word document or Adobe PDF page in 12-point type. You may not have more than 4 articles from any calendar week, Monday-Saturday. You should not include the article, but must have complete source information for each article.

Small Business Finance

As part of your assignment for Module 3 you will complete the second stage of the the three stages involved in the production of your final project – a financial business plan:1. Decide on one particular product/company to research based on your mentor’s feedback.2. Notify your mentor of your choice.3. Submit a list of sources you intend to use for your research.Submit your product/company choice together with your list of sources to your mentor as part of your Module 3 assignment.This assignment is not graded.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Section 1- Who is the author(s)? What gives him or her the credibility to write the book?It is acceptable to copy some of this information from sources such as the author’s web page or the bookseller’s page, but do not copy all of it for your response. The primary purpose of this section is to establish credibility. Mostly in your own words, let your reader know why they should trust this author(s) for valuable information.Section 2- Who is the target audience?Not all personal finance books have the same purpose or the same intended audience. Who is most likely to benefit from this book? Why?Section 3- What information is in the book?Provide an outline or table of contents for the book. It is acceptable to copy most of this information from sources such as the author’s web page or the bookseller’s page.Section 4- What are the four most important lessons/takeaways from the book?Describe each in paragraph form, not simply a list.Section 5- What is your recommendationOn a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 meaning “highly recommend,” what is your ranking? Does the book fulfill its purpose? Why or why not? What are the major strengths? What are the weaknesses

Risk Monitoring and Reporting

What is one part of risk management which you would like to learn more about and why? Frame your post as a question, and your classmates and instructor will comment and try to answer your question about the subject.

Financial Risk

please choose scholarly sources, full question is below:Martha is an underwriter for a large insurance company. She has been employed in the industry for 11 years. She has witnessed the evolution of risk management principles and practices. Technology has become a large part of the industry tools and methods now employed. Martha realizes the corporation’s benefits in utilizing current data management systems to monitor and report on sources of information Martha seeks to underwrite policies.Identify and comment on an internal or external source of information that could identify business trends.

Bank of America Corporation

Select a commercial bank that was identified as “too big to fail” during the 2007-2009 financial crisis and participated in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (EESA). Sometimes referred to as the “TARP Act”, provisions of EESA were aimed at bolstering the economy and restoring confidence in the banking system.A 10-12 page (excluding appendices, table of contents, abstract, reference, and bibliography) research paper (case study) is required. This paper will be prepared consistent with the current APA Manual and will have a minimum of ten different references (No Wiki’s or Pedia’s). Some of the bibliography and reference will most likely come from the firm you have chosen, e.g., source documents, annual reports, and financial statements. As such this reduces the need for peer reviewed sources. However, peer reviewed sources are still important and should be listed in the bibliography/reference section(s) and cited in the paper as appropriate. In addition, the research paper will be prepared consistent with the following:Section I: This serves as an introduction to the Research Paper. Provide an overview of the research design of the paper. Introduce the various topics that will be addressed in the research paper. Identify the method(s) that will be used to collect the data for the topics and how that data will be evaluated.Section II: There will be a brief discussion of the firm to include its principle services, market share, geographic locations where it operates, and major competitors.Section III: Evaluate and discuss whether the firm took excessive risks or had banking practices that contributed to the firm requiring funds from the TARP program. The discussion should include what factor(s) influenced your decision, the ramifications of the firm receiving TARP funds, and what actions the firm implemented to prevent future financial crisis for the firmSection IV: Evaluate and discuss the size and scale of the TARP program, which only has a few comparisons in U.S history. TARP has been compared to the Resolution Trust Corp. (RTC), which was used to abate the savings and loan (S&L) crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Another comparison comes from the Home Owners Loan Corporation (HOLC), which was established during the Great Depression. Discuss the pros and cons of the TARP program. Evaluate and discuss if classifying banks as “Too Big to Failure” can lead to excessive risk taking by the banks.Section V: The Dodd-Frank Regulatory Reform Bill was passed with the intent of cleaning up the consequences of the past decade’s financial sector decline. Evaluate and discuss the impact of Dodd-Frank on the firm and whether the law will help prevent future banking crisis.Section VI: Summary and conclusion(s). The discussion should provide a brief summary of the previous sections, and the conclusions you have reached.

Federal Open Market Committee

Suppose the Federal Open Market Committee decides to increase the target federal funds rate from 0.25% to 0.75%, analyze:- How the financial markets will be affected, including money market, bond market, stock market, mortgage market, foreign exchange market. – How an American investor who currently holds U.S. bonds, U.S. stocks, euro-denominated stocks should adjust his/her portfolio.