Essay Assignment

Using examples from course materials, describe the impacts, both negative and positive, of modern globalization on the Southeast Asian region. Then explain how the experiences of the United States and Vietnam compare in terms of globalization.

Gender Equity

Promoting and practicing gender equity is the best way that a country can reduce population growth and poverty rates. Explain how this works, using examples from Module 4 course materials

The Gowanus Canal Gentrification

Question #1: How does the development of housing along the Gowanus canal help or hinder efforts to reduce displacement and inequity through gentrification? Question #2: What are the major social justice issues facing Brooklyn communities that the work along the Gowanus canal can help address?

Geologic History of the PNW

Being a critical thinking assignment means you need to synthesize information about the Pacific Northwest (PNW) you encountered this course into a geologic history essay organized by a relative age sequence of events and processes. Critical thinking also means it is not a research paper. Certainly you may do research but if you include details of events, processes, or […]

Food Inequality Investigation

Course textbook: Introduction to Geography Carl H. Dahlman; William H. Renwick Homework description from syllabus:   Choose a country that has a considerable population that is undernourished. Perform research on the issue and discuss the geographic, economic, and cultural obstacles to getting food to those in need in this country.

Mesozoic Life

Research your favorite group of living things during the Mesozoic, and write a one page essay and add pictures for references

World War II Effect on Oceania

Describe how World War II affected Oceania. How are these legacies still evident in the region today? Provide specific examples from course materials to support your statements.

New Urban Inequalities

The new urban inequalities refers to new inequalities that have pre-existed COVID, but have been noticeable as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic at the local/urban level. Topics can include: material poverty; urban segregation; urban enclaves/gated communities; urban land grabs; gentrification and wealth asymmetries; food (in)security; racism; discrimination; gender violence; challenges for houseless people; double/triple […]

Origins of Buddhism

The length needed is 1.5 pages Provide a summary of the origins and diffusion of Buddhism Describe the geographic locations where Buddhism is prevalent today.