Yoga Speech

1. Write a 5 to 10 minute speech to a class of fifth-graders about yoga. 2. Purpose of the presentation is to familiarize them with yoga therapy and convince them that they and/or someone they care about should try it for a specific condition which may be bothering them. 3. **** Use language appropriate for […]

Risk Management Policy

Risk management is a key function for most compliance officers. Risk management includes protecting employees from harm as well as ensuring patient safety.For this assignment, you are to analyze current risk management policies that are present in health care environments. Pick one policy from your own employer that you feel could be changed or improved. […]

Adolescent Sexual Activity

Adolescent Sexual Activity Rates: Many young people engage in sexual risk behaviors that can result in unintended health outcomes. For example, among U.S. high school students surveyed in 20151 41% have had sexual intercourse. 30% have had sexual intercourse during the previous 3 months, and, of these 43% did not use a condom the last time […]

Wellness or Fitness Class Review Attendance

Attend a wellness-related class (fitness, cooking, sleep, substance abuse, stress management, nutrition, strength and conditioning). You can attend a class virtually online or in person. Draft a creative project summarizing your experience in the class. Please follow all CDC, state, federal and local government guidelines for current safe practices if you choose to do an […]

Epidemiology Assessment

Epidemiology assessment brief  For this assessment, you are required to investigate the epidemiology of one of the following behaviours/risk factors and provide implications for policy, practice and future research.    ·  Eating high fat diet    Submission:  Your final submission will be a case study report:  · The case study must include the following components: o What is […]

Mental Health in Men

The paper should consist of the following elements: 1.     Title page: This page should include a brief title that reflects the content of your paper. In addition, you need to include the course information (course name and number), and your name. 2.     Introduction: Provide a brief introduction that sets the stage. In 1-2 paragraphs explain: […]

Medical Ethics Quiz

EACH ASSIGNMENT SHOULD BE HALF A PAGE SINGLE SPACED! ONLY USE THE SOURCES PROVIDED FOR EACH PART! Each QUIZ MUST BE LABELED AND UMBER HOW IT IS BELOW! Quiz 1 is due at 12pm noon, Tuesday, July 14th. Please answer the questions as best as you can. In your answers, you should assume that you […]

Two Limbs of Yoga

1. Pick 2 of the 8 limbs of Yoga (other than asana) and explain them. 2. How is asana related to Yoga?   b.  Describe three things that a person may  learn or experience during yoga that may surprise them.

Healthcare Quality Analysis

Assume that you are a Quality Officer who is responsible for one of the state’s largest healthcare organizations. You have been told that the quality of patient care has decreased, and you have been assigned a project that is geared toward increasing quality of care for the patients. Your Chief Executive Officer has requested a […]

Appetite for Justice Synthesis Essay

identify an issue related to food in Miami and propose a plan of action. By gathering two credible sources, you will offer the people of Miami two strategies to solve their issue and promote food justice.