Physician Assistant Program

Loma Linda University Physician assistant program Answer the following questions 1) Tell us what characteristics of Loma Linda University are particularly attractive and meaningful to you and why you have chosen to apply for advanced education.? 2) Discuss how your spiritual origins, development, and experience have influenced and been integrated into your daily life. 3) […]

Global Community

Describe how this class has taught the significance and value in meeting the needs of global community. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of cultural competency in healthcare settings.

Managed Care

Write a 3-5-page paper. Separate title and reference pages are not required, but be sure to put the title of the assignment, your name and the date first on a line at the top. Put the article reference at the bottom of the last page. All other writing guidelines apply including double spacing. Read the […]

Healthcare Finance Written Proposal

Please follow the guideline and rubric I uploaded and use it as a guide for completing the proposal paper. I have already chosen a healthcare organization from sec site and the link is listed above.

Healthcare Industry

This section gives you an opportunity to visit a section of the healthcare industry where you have never been. You must do a field trip and visit a public health clinic, EMS, wellness center, rehab center, etc.- somewhere you have never visited or had experience with before. It cannot be in the same organization as […]

Overview of Ethics in Healthcare

Assignment 3 will be comprised of 3 Journal Reflections. You will complete the journal entries and submit your answers within this assignment. Every reflection must be a page long. Student work be checked for plagiarism. Reflection ONE: Provision 7: “The nurse participates in the advancement of the profession through contributions to practice, education, administration, and […]

Dental Practices

This is the assignment word for word (I will describe more below): “Sometimes a patient must be referred to a specialist by his/her dentist to receive care that is specialized. The following assignment should raise awareness regarding the process. 1) Research and give a written explanation of the process of referral, evaluation, treatment, and maintenance […]

Epidemiology Study

AMA citations please. Cataracts of the eye may be difficult to diagnose in the early stages. In a study to evaluate the reliability of their diagnoses, two physicians each examined the same 1,000 eyes, without knowing the other’s diagnoses. Each physician found 100 eyes with cataracts. Does this mean that the diagnoses are reliable? Explain […]

Fetal Syndrome Ehlers

Discuss the following: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome 1. Maternal predisposition / teratogenic exposure (what factors may cause the syndrome) 2. Explain the clinical and sonographic findings associated with the syndrome The paper must be 2 pages long, including diagrams, sonographic images, and a discussion on the topic. Fonts must be 12 point, Times New Roman

National Health Organisation

• Describe the collaboration of 1 faith-based organization or mission of your choice with a national health organization, bilateral organization, United Nations health-related organization, or a private foundation, to address the concern of child health or immunization in a low- or middle-income country of your choice, focusing on at least 3 major points. The essay […]