Importance of Regular Expressions in Data Analytics

 What is the importance of regular expressions in data analytics? Also, discuss the differences between the types of regular expressions.Choose two types of regular expressions and discuss the differences between the two. Please be sure to include two or three differences for each. Include how they help manipulate data. 

1. Information Systems homework help

Using a Microsoft Word document, please review ONE of the film of your choosing and tell how that film represents a contribution to the field of CyberLaw.2. The minimum word count shall be not less than 1000 words.3. Use APA format4. should be plagiarism free 5. Use a minimum of 2 peer review reference

Modern Technology Innovation

Chapter 15 of your text addresses in detail modern technological innovations, such as faster transportation and communication speeds, that are helping to control migration to urban areas. Based on the push-pull factors mentioned in the chapter, select a city of your choice, and complete the following:Describe three ways push-pull factors affect thee growth of your […]

Security Breach that Compromised Data Records

According to the authors, privacy and security go hand in hand; and hence, privacy cannot be protected without implementing proper security controls and technologies. Today, organizations must make not only reasonable efforts to offer protection of privacy of data, but also must go much further as privacy breaches are damaging to its customers, reputation, and […]


Research, evaluate, and discuss cloud back up services. For example there is; and Discuss how the services work, the risks, benefits and costs to the services. Why would a small business or home office use cloud backup, and recovery services?,2817,2288745,00.asp,review-2678.html


CLASS DISCUSSION: (CYBR 436) Internet & Network SecurityClass discussion are designed to ensure critical reflection and application of course content as well as peer interaction. For each discussion, you will: • Post a detailed response of 200 words to the question.Q8. Design a security plan for a small (medium) company and use that plan to […]

Communication Strategy

In this assignment, you will need to a) summarize the communication strategy of your chosen organization, b) analyze the communication strategy of your chosen organization, and c) explain how you would integrate the communication strategy into the current organization where you work or into a former organization where you have workedA. Summarize the Communication StrategyLocate […]


Intellectual property law is a major issue facing organizations, and many organizations have been fined significant amounts for violations of intellectual property law. As an information security manager in an IT consulting company, your executive management team is concerned about the potential intellectual property violations in the organization. To address these concerns, they have asked […]

Technological Vulnerabilities

Answer questions in detail.Test Your Understanding a) What kind of attack may succeed against a system with no technological vulnerabilities?b) What is the goal of social engineering?c) Distinguish between phishing and spear phishing attacks.Test Your Understanding a) How do viruses and worms differ?b) How do viruses and worms propagate using social engineering?c) Do all worms […]

New blank Access database

The scenario:Johnston Smith, Associate Director of Sales as Pasedena HVAC Manufacturer, has asked you to calculate the cost of running HVAC units in summer and provide a report.For this assignment, you will need the following files:New blank Access databaseHVAC_CoolingYou will save your files as:Lastname_Firstname_HVAC_CoolingLastname_Firstname_Cooling_CostsOpen the HVAC_Cooling Excel file, and save the file as Lastname_Firstname_HVAC_Cooling.Insert the […]