How Technology-based Leadership has Driven the Digital Age

This week’s journal article was focused on how information and communication innovation drives change in educational settings. The key focus of the article was how technology-based leadership has driven the digital age. Also, that the role of technology leadership incorporates with the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM).In this paper, address the following key concepts:Define TAM and […]

Project design and requirements

write a 3 page APA 7 formatted paper addressing and focusing on the migration project design, the timeline for migration, individuals (positions) involved, technical requirements, etc. For example, if you are recommending a migration for cloud data storage, this paper may address the issues of moving the data to the cloud service, creating the user […]

Consulting Business Plan

Assignment Description For this assignment, complete your final business plan by creating your executive summary and table of contents. Remember to integrate any feedback you received from peers and your instructor throughout the course, as well as your research on current IT consulting business plan practices, into the other sections of your business plan. Include […]

Creating Company E-mail/WIFI/Internet Use Policies

1)Cybersecurity Planning and ManagementCreating Company E-mail/WIFI/Internet Use PoliciesYou have just been hired as the Security Manager of a medium-sized Financial Services company employing 250 people in New Hampshire, and have been asked to write two new security policies for this company. The first one is an e-mail policy for employees concentrating on personal use of […]

Digital Forensic Technology

  How digital forensic methods are useful for Law enforcement professionals and investigators to solve crimes and describe any new techniques will help such as DNA testing, etc. provide 3-4 paragraphs and 300 words of content.

Collaborative Technologies (intranets/portals) to Manage their Corporate Data.

Assignment: Individual Paper. Length: Minimum of 500 words. Due date: Aug 14th, 2020. Organizations globally use collaborative technologies (intranets/portals) to manage their corporate data. Many are also using social tools such as Teams and Slack for knowledge share, capture, and dissemination. They claim it saves time and produces work efficiency. Here are a few questions you must […]

Methodologies for The Design and Deployment of Cloud Applications

Competency Contrast methodologies for the design and deployment of cloud applications.ScenarioYou are the cloud architect for an online furniture company. The entire business model of the company is online sales. The following are critical to the company:The web application must run 24/7.Proper disaster recovery must be in place so, if one site is down, traffic […]


 Define Scalability and list five (5) to ten (10) potential relationships that align with the Pareto principle,such as how 80% of sales come from 20% of customers. 

Communication Asignment

Learning Outcomes:a. compare primary types of mobile communications and how they are implemented on different platforms;b. review how mobile communications agencies function and the effectiveness of their business models.Description:Part 1: Prepare a written research report comparing and contrasting two forms of mobile communications (mobile banners, mobile text, YouTube videos, Facebook ads/posts, Instagram posts, SnapChat stories […]