Britain’s Intelligence Organization’s 

QUESTION: In one comprehensive 6-8 page essay with an intro, thesis statement, body and conclusion, present a research paper on the following: Pick a US adversary or ally (Britain) and discuss its intelligence organization’s relevance to US national security, either in maintaining it or threatening it. This assignment is specifically about the intelligence organization, not […]

Overview and Evaluation

Complete a maximum of five (5) pages (double spaced) article review of the attached journal. Students are required to:  Present an introduction on the topic chosen using information from the textbook and lecture materials.  Discuss the theme(s) of the article as it relates to the domestic terrorism issue or policy; Discuss what you learned from […]

Global issue on us foreign policy

Book Critique and Policy Review Paper Instructions  In Module/Week 7, you will write a book review on Global Issues: Politics, Economics, and Cultural by Richard Payne.   The Book Critique and Policy Review Paper must be 5–7 pages, not including the title and reference page. Format the body of your review in 4 main sections: […]

International relations

What is the key ‘unit’being studied in your subject ( International Relations)  and what are the main challenges in studying it?   Word limit: 500 words. Worth 10 percent of the Portfolio mark (5 percent of Module mark).   What is the primary ‘unit’/ focus in your field of study? Degree specific  literature  Answer: international relations   […]

Country Risk Assessment for Brazil

Adopt the role of a risk management team for a MNC to assess the economic risks existing in Brazil. Important in this country analysis is a recognition of the constraints faced by the developing country government, the role of the IFIs and NGOs, and the limitations of MNCs concerning their operations in Brazil. The economic risk […]

Propagating National Security Interests

Purpose: The primary goal of this Assignment is to evaluate how communication of foreign policy interests can be influenced by different theoretical perspectives. Your task is to discuss and assess how effective are realist, liberal, and identity theoretical perspectives at communicating U.S. national interests. Prepare: Read the Conclusion in the course text and the 2017 U.S. National Security […]

Guantanamo Prisoners 

Write a short paper (no more than 10 pages double-spaced—not including the title page and reference.  The paper must include a minimum of seven peer-reviewed scholarly and/or authoritative references.

what is power?

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The rise in China

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Drug topic relating to international drug production

Use scholarly sources to find information regarding the number of drug users and/or why people are using drugs. Use this information to examine international drug production use.  Write a 1000 word research paper on a drug topic of your choice using the scholarly sources you have found. Topics must have an International/Global theme. Be sure […]