Social Media Focused

Social Media focused.  Please focus on the following topics. If you are unable to do this, please alert me prior to starting.  Thanks Review of the Professional and Academic Literature – 1 page Methods of Searching – 1 page Theoretical Orientation for the Study             Main Theory – 3 pages Maslow’s Hierarchy Need Theory             […]

Web-page Crawler Writing

The Internet Archive uses Heritrix crawler to crawl web pages [38]. The Heritrix crawler is freely available to use. One of the limitations of the Heritrix crawler is it does not filter out irrelevant information before downloading the webpages. Hence, lots of unrelated webpages comes with few relevant webpages through a Heritrix crawl. We will […]

Intellectual Property and Smart Borders Essay

Respond to the following short essay questions based on the course materials presented for weeks 5-8 and researched material from outside the course. 1. Please address the following as they pertain to Intellectual Property: What is Intellectual Property (IP) and how does counterfeit merchandise impact the U.S. economy? What safety and health concerns are posed […]

Social Media Discussion Answers

Please read the current event summaries below and post answer to the discussion question on this discussion board.  THERE ARE 7 SHORT ANSWERS IN TOTAL. 1. Social Media has become the quickest way for information to travel in our current generation, with people reporting things almost instantaneously. A big topic of discussion recently […]

Google Watches You Discussion

“Maybe feeling watched may make the world more honest,” says the homunculus-genius TED talkER in the above video. Write an 8-10-page paper. First, watch the video. Briefly explain (after your thesis paragraph, of course), what this person has to say about the future of search. Next, explain your own use of mobile search technology and […]

Online Business Venture

This paper needs to cover what is involved in starting a website which is informational in nature (similar to the weather channel) and the business model used (ad driven website for revenue). It also needs to talk about specific challenges such as cyber and privacy regulations, copyrights required.

Google Search Affecting our Intelligence

How google affecting our intelligence? And if no longer need to know information that we can look up on a search engine like google what do you think the effect is going to be?

Scholarly and Popular Sources

Watch the GEN103 Scholarly & Popular Resources (Links to an external site.) and How to Read a Scholarly Article (Links to an external site.) videos, and review the Source Types handout, and Hancock, J. (2015, October 2). Workplace wellness programs put employee privacy at risk (Links to an external site.). CNN. Retrieved from Reflect: […]