social revolution- innocent voices

Pick a specific theme of the movie, the movie watched was Innocent Voices. The format I am looking for is for the FIRST page (23 lines minimum or more) that covers the theme of the movie, the SECOND page (23 lines minimum or longer) of the paper should contain elements from Chasteen’s book “Born in […]

Independence in Latin America and the Last Colonies

Read Bolivar’s two letters and answer the following questions in SHORT ESSAY format. 1. In “Reply of a South American to a Gentleman of this Island” 2. How does Bolivar see or understand his identity and that of his fellow South Americans?  How does he see Europeans and Indigenous people? in what ways does this […]

Caribbean Essay

Using the documents: Monroe Doctrine: Platt Amendment; Teller Amendment, White Men’s Burden, and,  In lieu of Indemnities, write an essay explaining the United States’ interests and reasoning for intervening in the war in Cuba in 1898 and their decision to take over  Puerto Rico. AND ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE RESOURCES!!! You must use at least one quote from each of these […]

Chicano studies

Discuss the major events of the Chicana/o Power Movement. Guidelines 1) One to two page single spaced essay. 2) 12″ font 3) MLA , APA or Chicago

New Lakota Way

BOOK NEED: ?The Lakota Way – Joseph Marshall III? THE LAKOTA WAY Describe the Circle of Life (Sacred Hoop) What is your understanding of Mitakuye Oyasin? Describe the Plains Indians concept of warfare vs. Euro- American concept of warfare. What is the difference between the Red Road and the Black Road? Describe what an Inikagapi […]

Mexican American generation

Discuss the Mexican-American generation and the historical moments of this generation. Guidelines: 1) One to two page single spaced essay. 2) 12″ font. 3) MLA , APA or Chicago