Criminal Profiling

Criminal profiling—specifically for arson and serial homicide offenders—has been a technique used by the FBI since the late 1970s. To produce a criminal profile for an unknown suspect, profilers use various types of collected data to make assumptions and conclusions about the case at hand. In a 750-1,000-word essay, identify a real-life example of a […]

Agnostic Constitution

What are the implications of Christian legal and moral advocacy and engagement under an Agnostic Constitution (Smith)?  Outline a faithful and practical way forward for those committed to Gospel-based legal culture making.

Business Organization for Paralegals

You’ve spent the entire semester answering my questions, now it is time for you to draft some of your own and “show what you know.” • For this final examination, please use the chart below to draft 10 questions about important concepts you have learned in the chapters we have covered since the last exam. […]

Law Enforcement Scandal Paper

Submit a 6-8 page research addressing a recent police department scandal. It is expected that at least three outside sources in addition to the textbook will be utilized. Some good examples would be the Rampart Scandal, Boston Police cocaine trafficking or the Bay Area Sex Scandal. You must have a title and reference pages which […]

World Order Evaluation

Question: ” Evaluate the effectiveness of international responses in promoting peace and resolving conflicts to achieve world order” -Demonstarte knowledge of international responses that promote peace and resolve conflicts in achieveing world order. – Make a judgement about how well international responses promote peace and resolve conflict in achieveing world order. – Write an essay […]

Common Issues Relating to E-Discovery

The purpose of this assignment is to have you focus on some of the common issues facing both public sector and private sector organizations relating to e-Discovery. Your supervisor at Blue Arrow Technologies (BAT) has told you that it’s likely that a dispute with the local city council will end up in litigation. The litigation […]

Litigation Case Scenario

You are a junior investigator in a newly established internal investigations department in Blue Arrow Technologies (BAT). Your supervisor came straight from a position at a law enforcement agency and does not really have your experience in internal, civil investigations. You are to assume that BAT is located where you currently reside. On your second […]

Trademark Law Research Paper

trademark law and the set of laws and legal regulation that are set up to protect a trademark. The Structure / Format? It depends on your choice of Subject. However, include a Title, Introduction, Sections with titles and a Conclusion. Endnotes are ok thes website I chose for the information 1. 2. […]

False Claims Act Scenario

A pharmaceutical company, No Pain, manufactures a drug called Pain Away, one of the strongest prescription opioids available.  The FDA has approved Pain Away only for cancer patients, who often suffer from pain that is unresponsive to other opioids. To increase the market share for Pain Away among both federal health care and non-federal health […]

Criminal Law Case Study

Course: criminal law Assignment: Assignment 2 (based on classes 2 and 5) Bob lives in Grand Rapids, MI. One day, Bob is at a local bar. He has had a few drinks, but he is not intoxicated. As he is about to leave, he asks the bartender for a cup of water. The bartender by mistake hands […]