Civil Obedience and Self Reliance

Write an analysis using “Civil Disobedience” and “Self-Reliance” readings attached to answer what are these writing demanding of new American attitudes, actions, and voices and how do they resonate and/or manifest themselves today?  

Short Analysis Literally

In this assignment, you are required to write a short literary analysis of ONE of the short stories. Your analysis must be about 1250-1500 words (4-5 double spaced pages). Part of your writing task can include research of your subject, consisting of historical or thematic information, biographical information about authors, or literary criticism. All your citations (from the literature and from […]

Black Power Politics English Literature

This is a 4000 word essay where I chose to write on category 3 which is included in the links. Category 3 is on English literature where I am diving in to the life of Amiri Baraka (A black power politics leader) The book a nation within a nation written my Komozi Woodard is talking […]

Comparative Black Literature

1) Explore the complexities of the term, ‘Black Literature’, and discuss how they, critically, engage certain social experiences, literary traditions, canons, racial and cultural politics. SECTION B 2) With attention to each story’s social milieu, examine the nuanced relationships between racism and gender politics in Going to Meet the Man and Sometimes, a Motherless Child. […]

A Wall of Fire Rising Review

Write an essay that explores the central conflict in A Wall of Fire Rising by Edwidge Danticat. What is the nature of the conflict? When, where, and how does it develop or become more complicated as the story unfolds? How is it resolved at the end of the story? Why and how is that resolution satisfying? Fully address […]

Kipling’s Poem Debate

argue in support. In response to Kipling’s poem, each of you should post a statement in support, or in opposition to the idea of Imperialism. You do not need to restrict yourself to the moral justification. The arguments for, and against, expansion took many avenues.  Try not to make assumptions. Instead, assume the historical role […]

Personal Evaluation Writing

What are three strengths that others would say you possess? Give an example of each of these characteristics to support your answers. What are three weaknesses that others would say you possess? Give an example of each of these characteristics to support your answers. Which of these questions (strengths or weaknesses) is easier for you […]

Black National Literature Study

a term-paper of about 8 pages, along the lines indicated above. The term paper must have a title, be written in the MLA format, show originality, demonstrate thorough mastery of pertinent issues, and include full bibliographical annotations For the term paper, you may study a (Black) national literature, distinguished writer, text or any group of […]

Gillivers Literary Review

Explain how Gulliver indicates he is a practical man. Use examples of how he restrains himself and accepts his condition.Requirements: 250 words or more 12 point font Double Spaced  Using APA format, provide supporting evidence using details and referencing specific line numbers from the reading selection.  Example:  Lines 118-120 explain how Gulliver feels regarding his treatment (Swift, n.d.). OR […]

Girl by Jamaica Literally Analysis

Submit your final project in which you use appropriate terminology and primary and secondary (scholarly) sources to analyze a “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid using two literary theories, historical criticism and reader-response. Explain the tenets and basic assumptions of each theory; then posit an argument for each theory’s interpretation of the text. Remember that theoretical analysis […]