Supply Chain Management

A bike-sharing program has been proposed for your township.  An example of such a program is discussed in the mini-case Dockless Bike-Sharing (below).  All five of you live in this township.    Why do you support this bike-sharing program for your township? The purpose of this discussion is to get you thinking about how customer […]

 Operations Management and Sustainability

Review the case entitled “Chapter 10 Case: Oakhurst Dairy: Operations Management and Sustainability” in the Sustainable Business Case Book.  Analyze the case responding to the following questions: 1.     What challenges face Oakhurst in 2011 and beyond? How do Oakhurst’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions through operation changes help address the challenges? 2.     The Natural Resources Defense […]

Forecasting for logistics

Based on your reading for this week, discuss one of the topics below: Forecasting for logistics: what to forecast? What information do we need to monitor and collect? Forecasting in service: find a case study and share its summary with the class. Reference your material properly. Forecasting in manufacturing: find a case study and share […]

Supply Chain Management Strategies

This type of writing requires students to assimilate their theoretical knowledge on a particular topic in the course and integrate it with relevant current research and industry practices. Students will be required to read and synthesize several journal and magazine articles on the selected topic and compile a comprehensive term paper of 8-10 pages. Emphasis […]

How to Design Motivating Jobs

This is my final paper for Business Management.  I must have a title page, table of contents page, Abstract page, the paper, conclusion page, and work cited page.  Thank you for your help. Sherry Hadnot


Instructions: Choose one of the readings (or videos) for the Module and compose a short abstract (between 125-175 words) Please explain the necessary commentary in the Abstract including the background/context, main purpose of the piece, major takeaways, and prescriptive insights for future thought/inquiry. CHOOSE ONE BELOW FOR AN ABSTRACT Charles S. Clark, “SBA Misapplying Policy on Sole-Source Contracts, GAO […]

Logistics Management

Why are social costs important in transport economics? Paper needs to be 4-5 pages in length, using 4-5 references and follow APA format.  Title and reference page in addition to the 4-5 pages.

Ocean Carrier Industry

Research Paper Instructions. Subject: Transportation & Logistics You are to research one of the following industries: Trucking Industry Ocean Carrier Industry Port & Terminal Industry Railroad Industry Airline Industry Your research will shed light on the following: General Composition of the supply chain Global reach and concentration Main participants / competitors Key supply chain process […]