Product Lifecycle Creation

For this assessment, consider that you work as a marketing analyst for a consulting firm. You were previously asked to develop an analysis white paper to be used for marketing purposes to showcase the firm’s consulting capabilities, and your manager and the firm’s marketing team was impressed with your work. As a result, your manager […]

Videos for Internet Marketing

Video presentations are becoming the norm on most websites. From communicating news stories to presenting online movies and broadcasting sports events, video is a notable aspect of the online experience. What video platforms in addition to YouTube are available for use in Internet marketing? How do the various platforms compare to each other in terms […]

Product Elasticity and In-elasticity

Read the following examples. Which of the products are relatively elastic, and which are relativity inelastic and why? Refrigerator Gasoline Internet service Pair of jeans Diamond Scarves Orange juice Salt Computer Concert tickets

Marketing Pets and Pet Care Products

Write about PET OWNERSHIP in the United States. The Pet industry is a $100 Billion industry in the U.S., and Americans are especially generous in their pet spending. Psychologically, there might be a large number of reasons that a person might desire to own a pet. From the source uploaded (Marketing from the Perspective of […]

Marketing Services Mix

The requirement for this assignment is an identification and description of what marketing mix elements are relevant and how these elements can be effectively put to work as a marketing strategy for your chosen health care organization/product/brand. Subject is about a hospice which provides palliative and hospice care in an underserved area. Marketing mix analysis […]

Inbound Marketing Case Study

Inbound Marketing Assignment Focused on SEO In this project, the student is exposed to an Air France Business Case that discusses the company’s online marketing situation at the time of the case study. Furthermore, while reading the business case, each student will learn not only about Air France but also about the industry marketplace. Once […]

Marketing Plan Creation

Create an APA style formatted Word document that includes at least 3 references outside of the course text and contains paragraphs that cover the topics below. The length of your marketing plan will vary based on your degree of succinctness. Most documents fall between 9-13 double spaced pages. For more details, including minimum lengths by […]

Purchase Decision Making

prepare a two page typed, double-spaced paper that detaile the process of. your most recent purchase of a major product. Apply end- used decision making. You should specifically examine the needs satisfied by this purchase, the sources of information you used, the other individuals who influence this decision. please address the way in which you […]

Consumer Marketing Website Critique

select a website focused on consumer marketing to review. You may choose any site you wish with the condition that consumers must be able to purchase products or services directly from the site. Do not choosea site that provides product information only, individual consumers must be able to purchase products or services on the site. […]

Search Engine Marketing

Firms are increasing their use of search engine marketing in which they pay search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, for priority position listings. Social media sites such as Twitter generate revenue by offering to sell “search words” to firms so that their posting appears on top. The technique is called SEO (Search Engine […]