Quantitative Statistics

Theory Foreign aid is defined as the assistance in money that a specific country transfers to another country. Those, as mentioned above, can assume the form of a gift, loan, or grant. Foreign aids have the capacity within the context of contributing to the engagement with civil society and democratization through the provision of assistance […]

Democratization and CSO Engagement

Using the information provided below, create an APA formatted paper with sections addressing the following. Be sure to discuss the substantive interpretation of the bivariate and multivariate hypotheses tests.• Question: What is your question or puzzle, and why does it matter?• Theory: What is your causal theory linking your independent and dependent variables?o It’s okay […]

Mathematical Principles and Computation

Mathematical principles and computations are used everyday in all aspects of life. Over the years and with major computational advancement, mathematicians have developed simple and easier methods for more challenging and advanced computations with double-precision floating-point accuracy. However, a higher level of numeric precision is required and is more beneficial in certain applications in the […]

Mathematics Experience Journal

This journal assignment will allow you to reflect on your own experiences as a mathematician. Your experiences affect your perspectives about learning and teaching mathematics.Please share your emotions, attitudes, and beliefs about mathematics and what your mathematical experiences mean to you, both for learning and teaching mathematics. Some ideas to get you started are: 1. […]

Linear Regression Analysis

Step 1. Open Excel and complete first two columns with any numbers Make 7-8 rows. Type below first column “R = ” We will use Excel function CORREL(Array-1, Array-2). STEP 2. Click on cell B11 and type: =CORREL(x-Array, y-Array)  When you highlight x-array and y-array do not include the title. Press ENTER. You will see […]

Linear Equations Discussion

Your task for this discussion is as follows: Write a system of two linear equations that model something from your daily life. Solve the system of equations in two ways. Discuss which method you liked better and why.

Organizational Data Essay

1. Write a short essay related to data privacy. 2. Explain what it means to say, “variables must vary.” 3. List and define the four levels of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio). In your opinion, which one or more is the most appropriate for statistical analysis. Explain. 4. Compare and contrast the characteristics of […]

Mathematics Assignment

Questions1. Given there are 7 animal pairs of each kind loaded on to Noah’s Ark (A0 = 7), how many animal pairs of each kind could we expect in year 20 and in year 40?2. Suppose Noah loaded 500 kinds of animals on the Ark, for a total of 3500 animal pairs (A0 = 3500). […]

Relational Algebra

1- What is a Relational Algebra? What are the operators. Explain each.2- What is the INNER JOIN operation between the following two relations (data sets or tables of data).Hint: Use OWNER_ID column as common column between the two tables and list all columns of the two tables that have common OWNER_ID.Week8-q2.png

Income Probability

Maria consumes strawberries which cost her 10 pesos a box and bananas which cost her 9 pesos a bunch. With her income of 192 pesos she buys 12 boxes of strawberries and 8 bananas. Daphne, with an income of 170 shillings, consumes strawberries at a cost of 6 shillings each and bananas at a cost […]