Educational Theories

Summative Assignment Part A: (1500 words) For this part of the assignment you need to discuss two core educational theories that would drive your teaching and encourage students to learn. For each theory, develop one key principle that you can directly apply to your teaching practice. Provide one separate example of how you could implement […]

Essay about the book Power vs Force by David Hawkins

Use own insights into the topic of linear attractors, and also the Hygienic philosophy, and show how Hawkins ABC symbol of causality may be used to explain the concept of power versus force in natural healing techniques.  Topics to be covered: Attractors Fields of Dominance Causality Small Variations over time Medical Treatments and Kinesiology Arguments […]

Doctorate of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesia Program

This is my Personal Statement for admission to the Barry University Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesia (CRNA) Program.  I wrote an essay but I genuinely feel that it lacks fluidity perhaps a bit more assertiveness and it may even be a bit bulky and repetitive. My goal for you guys is to make the paper more […]

Personal history supplemental essay

Prompt:  UCSF/SFSU PERSONAL HISTORY STATEMENT: UCSF/SFSU is committed to a diverse and inclusive graduate student population. Diversity refers to the variety of experiences and perspectives that arise from differences in race, culture, religion, mental or physical capabilities, heritage, age, gender, sexual orientation, and other characteristics. UCSF/SFSU values diversity because it enhances the educational experience, the workplace, […]

Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program

Prompt: If you are reapplying to this program, how have you strengthened your application?  Character limit: 4500 Current character count: 5547 Please help me trim down the character count to below 4500, and streamline the essay points wherever you think it is necessary.  I believe I have written down what I want to highlight about […]

mosbys drug guide

reference in apa format using mosbys drug guide for nurses 12 editions skidmore and webMDHI I AM HAVING TROUBLE WITH PUTTING MY 2 REFERNCES IN APA FORMAT AND I NEED YOUR HELP. I USED MOSBYS DRUG GUIDE FOR NURSES SKIDMORE 12 EDITION AND ALSO WEBMD to look up my medications.

Best Gland

Discussion: Best Gland 45 45 unread replies. 48 48 replies. Directions Choose one of the glands below. Design an argument portraying why your chosen gland is the best gland in the body. Be sure to include information about anatomy, physiology and one pathophysiology (disease, symptoms and possible treatments). Hypothalamus Pituitary Thyroid Pancreas Adrenal Parathyroid Be sure to […]

Should or shouldn’t people be organ/tissue donors? Why?

Thesis Statement: Organ/tissue donation is a much-needed procedure that needs to be embraced by our society because is a way to meet the increasing demands of donated organs, gives people a second chance at life and stop organ trafficking. Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to take all of the concepts covered so far […]