Too Fast To Be A Woman

Write a commentary/analysis on the film, “Too Fast To Be A Woman” Link:

Double Identity

ntent Reaction paper (Short Paper I) – React to one of the films viewed in class ( double indemnity).See paper guideline under course content. .. PAPER MUST BE PROOFREAD with minimal errors. A reaction paper is just what its name suggests—a paper explaining your reaction to a film. It may be like a review, because your reaction may involve judgment or evaluation. It may be like an analysis, because your reaction may focus on a particular character, relationship, scene, or film technique. Like any good essay, your reaction paper should develop one primary idea or perception, support it with specific evidence (usually references to individual shots or scenes), and present both ideas and evidence in clear language and a logical order. 1- These essays should reflect a careful consideration about what you think or feel about what you have read. For example, think about the following questions: How did you feel about what you are watching? What do you agree or disagree with? Can you identify with the movie or characters in the movie? How do you evaluate the situation in general? What did you find striking, illuminating or peculiar about the film? Did the film help you get an historical sense of the period it depicts, and if so how 2-Did the film fall short of recreating the aspect of criminal justice it depicts? if so, in your opinion, what would you have done differently? 3- Since a reaction paper describes your own reaction to a film, it is appropriate to use first person (I, me, my, mine) occasionally. But remember that the paper is primarily about the film, not about you, the writer.

Islam in America

Islamic Culture “Though it is the fastest growing religion in the world, Islam remains shrouded by ignorance and fear. What is the essence of this ancient faith? Is it a religion of peace or war? How does Allah differ from the God of Jews and Christians? Can an Islamic state be founded on democratic values such as pluralism and human rights?” (Reza Aslan, 2005) Instructions: Watch the movie – Islam in America use this link Write a two (2) page reflection about the movie Your paper should be” Two (2) pages Typed according to APA style for margins, formatting and spacing standards Include 1-2 references

Le Quattro Volte

Using the cinematic elements framework do an aesthetic evaluation of Micheangelo Frammartino’s film “Le Quattro Volte” and provide an argument for whether it is an apt example of a film from the slow cinema movement. Please include specific evidence from the film to make your case (no generalities).

Blade Runner

Watch the clip from Blade Runner and respond to this question in about 250 words.This clip, (at 2:45) which shows Decker on the way to and inside the Tyrell Corporation, is loaded with information about the world it portrays. What is the nature of the future world shown here, in regards to culture, ecology, social class and the use of technology?

Pans Labyrinth

Pans Labyrinth is a classic case of a film that challenges notions of good and evil through magical realism for this essay choose one theme that you think is prevalent in the film examples include innocence, violence, family, life/death, good/evil, timetravel, gluttony, war, loss and discuss how this theme is shown through atleast two examples/scenes of magical realism. you must cite quotes from the film ( as you would a book to support your ideas) Rules – Double spaced, Times new roman 12 1″ margins all around and works cited list

Creative Disney Story

Write a 2-3 page creative story about, or related to, a Disney movie.I suggest that you pick your favorite Disney movie or character and think creatively how you might write a story related to it.You could use one of the Disney movies or characters we discussed this semester, or you could pick another one. Maybe you want to combine movies and have a character from one movie interact with a character in another. How about if a few of the movie sidekicks had an adventure together? How about a story where the main character is the villain? Maybe you wantto rewrite the ending to a movie? The sky’s the limit!Guidelines You can write in first person or third person. Use MLA format for your paper. (See the guidelines below.) Use lots of descriptions and details. Think of your story as the possible inspiration for a future Disney movie or animated short. A minimum of 2½ FULL pages and no more than 5 pages, please

Film Analysis

You will need to write a short analysis (150-300 words — no more, no less) describing the way the form is used in just a single scene and whether that scene helps to embody certain qualities of a genre from any of the films in Modules 6-10:• The Shining• On the Waterfront• The Fisher King• Hugo• Hot FuzzWhile some explanation of what is happening in the scene will be necessary so the reader can understand the scene you’re describing, you should primarily use your space to describe how aspects of form, genre, mode or any of the other recent concepts we’ve learned have been used in the scene to impact the viewer or convey deeper meaning or ideas.In your analysis, you’ll need to use at least three vocabulary words from Modules 6-10, with at least one term from three separate modules in that range. These terms can be found in each module and must be BOLDED AND PLACED IN ALL-CAPS in your submission. If you wish to use additional vocabulary from these or earlier modules, you are welcome to, but it won’t necessarily improve your grade. Make sure you use words whose meanings you completely understand.

Joe vs the Volcano

Production Design Identification and Analysis Report For this assignment, you want to identify: Name of film: Joe vs the Volcano Production Area: Protagonist: Antagonist: Protagonist’s outer goal: Protagonist’s inner struggle: How does the Protagonist change: Theme: In order to _______________ one must ________________. Give an example of each of the following tools. Describe it and explain briefly why it is used – why did the filmmaker make that choice. When describing it, be sure to be specific. Don’t say things like the character wore a lot of blue or everything looked old. You want to talk about what is happening in a particular scene and describe it very specifically. Remember, you are looking at how they use the tools to convey information. Particularly about the four areas a production designer must consider. For example, pick a scene or a moment and discuss how set décor conveyed personality, or economic status etc… Tools of Production Design Locations/Sets: Identification (detailed description of tool example): Analysis (Why did the production designer make that choice): Set décor Identification (detailed description of tool example): Analysis (Why did the production designer make that choice): Props Identification (detailed description of tool example): Analysis (Why did the production designer make that choice): Hair and Makeup Identification (detailed description of tool example): Analysis (Why did the production designer make that choice): Costumes Identification (detailed description of tool example): Analysis (Why did the production designer make that choice): Special effects Identification (detailed description of tool example): Analysis (Why did the production designer make that choice): Take one of those examples and explain how it supports your theme. Reports should be: Typed 12-point font New Century Schoolbook or Times Roman or Arial Margins should be 1 inch Left justified Spell checked

Poetics and the State

Respond to the following questions. Be sure to answer each question completely, citing the assigned texts where necessary. Your total response should be at least 750 words. 1. How do you interpret what John Grierson writes about “ding-dong” descriptions of machines in a film like Berlin, Symphony of a Great City in his essay, “First Principles of Documentary”? Cite a moment in Berlin, Symphony of a Great City from the following clip to support your response. Focus on clip from 10:35 to 16:30. 2. In his essay, “John Grierson and the Documentary Film Movement,” Ian Aiken highlights the forces that Grierson saw as a threat to the state’s preservation of social unity. How do you understand Grierson’s primary concerns? How did the changes Grierson witnessed after World War I in Scotland and the United States (as discussed by Aiken) confirm his fears? What do you think are the greatest threats to social unity today? 3. Ian Aiken traces out the arch of Grierson’s career. What do you find most interesting or surprising about how it unfolded. 4. Both Night Mail and Len Lye’s Trade Tattoo are concerned with exploring the cinematic effects of pattern and rhythm, but mobilize very different strategies to emphasize their visions of social unity. What do you find most interesting about the different ways in which Night Mail and Trade Tattoo attempt to hold facts, in what in Greirson calls “a living organic relationship together”? 5. What is something you found interesting about Len Lye’s work at the GPO as discussed by Desmond O’Rawe? Cite a passage that stood out to you and explain why. Links to films: (only focus on 10:35 to 16:30) (Night Mail) (Trade Tattoo)