Concert Stage

Disscussion Points: – The genre, band/singer, and their historicization within the greater cultural milieu. – Choreography ~ Concert stage, rehearsal footage.  – Communication to/with audience ~ Live concert, in the news, interviews. – Place/importance of the artist/band in the history of its genre. *THIS SHOULD BE 70% OF THE PAPER* Other Discussion Points: -The performers […]

Online Environment,

Research Paper For this assignment, choose a topic from the items listed below that interest you and write a research paper. The point of the paper is for you to show how well you understand the concepts in the readings and our discussions in the online environment, and how these concepts relate to the topic […]

Concert Report

CONCERT REPORT  In paragraph form, answer all points below. You may separate your paper into sections. 1. Brief Introduction (1 paragraph): Concert details (i.e. location, date/time, performers, pieces performed) Relevant background information about the concert/artists (you are expected to do some research and include in-text citations wherever appropriate) Why did you choose this concert to do […]

Relevance of Music to Computer Science

Discuss the relationship between music and your major field. Give thought to how music can persuade, communicate, manipulate, impact, or otherwise influence outcomes in your major area. We’re looking for specifics, that is, for substantive ways that music intersects your major so this will not be just a reflection! You’ll need to back up your […]

Imagine Dragons

This is a freshman music class. The concert attended may be of any genre, and may be either a live orrecorded event. Students are encouraged to seek out genres with which they are less familiar.The focal-point of the event must be ?listening? to the music, i.e. not background entertainment.Genre; what style was heard??Instrumentation; which instruments […]

 Concert Promotion

This research paper will have multiple elements. 1. Share in detail, the primary aspects of the Concert Promotion and Touring business as it relates to the music industry. (This info will primarily be found in the slides provided and in the resources found here:,,,,, 2. . Include a section in […]

The Beatles

Write a short research paper (minimum 2 pages, maximum 4 pages) on an individual artist who you think points toward what the future of music is going to look and sound like. Connect that figure to one of the historical figures we have learned about during this course. Id like the research done on the […]

Online Concert

Submit a report on complete online classical music concert. The concert should be about two typed double-spaced pages. Electronic submission is required. The report should make use of at least eight terms which are either: Bolded text from Chapter 1, “Music Fundamentals.” or from later chapters The names of specific instruments (e.g. flute) or specific […]

Women in Music Production

A 1,000-word (±10%) literature review of the topic should then be created, culminating with an informed conclusion. The aim of a literature review is to show your reader (your lecturer) that you have read and have formed a good grasp of the main published work concerning a particular topic or question in your field. It […]

Music Taste Analysis

Follow this link  (Links to an external site.) , to the website “Every Noise at Once.”  Take some time to explore the hundreds of genre samples (be sure to scroll down).  By clicking on the double arrow that  reveals next to each genre label you can explore that category in depth.  The sheer number of […]