The Aftermath of Mexico

-2 pages double spaced min -Be sure to use specific and various examples from readings/videos as evidence  Option 2: The Aftermath of War  In this assignment, reflect on the following: to what extent was the war against Mexico justified? Were the promises

Native American Study

Pick two North American tribes that are in the same cultural-geographic area. You cannot choose tribes that have been covered by the book or a lecture case study. 5-7 pages plus works cited or bibliography page.   Your paper will include the following topics within the area and tribes you choose:   Origin – select an origin or other […]

Manitoba Foster Care System

Each student is to write a research essay (the body/written portion is 8-10 typewritten pages in length o   MLA format, layout and citations. o   Font: Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced. o   Standard, 1-inch margins

Cultural Assessment of Navajo Culture

Cultural Assessment (for NAVAJO CULTURE) 1. Assess and include transcultural beliefs including language, religious practices, socioeconomic status, end-of-life practices, dietary preferences, risky behaviors 2. Identify healthcare behaviors (i.e. nontraditional therapies) 3. Identify challenges and barriers to healthcare and outcomes related to these challenges 4. Develop an evidence-based plan that can be used to improve healthcare […]