The Future of Healthcare Informatics

The Future of Healthcare Informatics Write an essay addressing each of the following points/questions. Be sure to completely answer all the questions for each number item. There should be three sections, one for each item number below, as well the introduction (heading is the title of the essay) and conclusion paragraphs. Separate each section in […]

Reflective Clinical Journal Entry

Discuss your plans including your study plan for passing the national certification exam. Discuss what you know about the registration including any financial obligation. Additionally, look ahead for the future to reflect where you would like to be after graduation in the role of nurse practitioner.

Therapeutic Nutritional Diet

The planning of therapeutic diet implies the ability to adopt the principle of normal nutrition to give the adequacy, economy, and palatability of food. With the objective of patient education and health promotion, create a 500 to 1000 word document on the contents of paleo diet including- food variety, substitutions, preparations, how its beneficial to […]

Drug Classes

For this assignment, please identify two (2) drug classes Oxytocin and Clomiphene citrate and complete the following: • List any administration considerations for each of the above medications • Compare and contrast major features of the selected drugs • Provide crucial parameters associated with each medication (include VS, labs (including normal range), and diagnostic tests) […]

Clinical Journals

Please: 1. Create a clinical journal for Family Nurse Practitioner student with a preceptor in family practice clinic settings. 2. Journal must include a reflection on a patient that was seen at the clinical practice for the day. 3. Geriatrics population patient.4. A patient that came in to establish care.

Identification Assessment and Screening Tools

Read and review all of the assessment and screening tools provided below: Website: National Human Trafficking Hotline Assessment Tools  Assessment Tool: Comprehensive Human Trafficking Assessment Screening Tool: Adult Human Trafficking Screening Tool and Guide Choose a screening or assessment tool to discuss. You may choose one that was not listed here. Administer the tool to a friend or […]

Compare Two Hospitals Healthcare

The Joint Commission Quality Check:  (Links to an external site.) US News:  (Links to an external site.) US Department of HHS (Hospital Compare):  (Links to an external site.) National Patient Safety Goals  (Links to an external site.) These topics are hot topics for healthcare and CMS will deduct reimbursements on quality […]

Case Conceptualization Review

Find and read two peer-reviewed journal articles about case conceptualization . Review the two articles you read this week about case conceptualization. Integrate what you learned from the articles with your own favorite theory or theories of counseling. What is your current understanding of how to best conceptualize a case?

Community Disaster Preparedness

Identify your own level of preparedness should disaster strike in your area. Visit the Red Cross site: to review details on disaster preparedness kit, plan and information. Discuss your response to this information. Were you surprised at your level of readiness? What steps will you take to prepare yourself and your family for the […]

VARK Analysis Paper

Learning styles represent the different approaches to learning based on preferences, weaknesses, and strengths. For learners to best achieve the desired educational outcome, learning styles must be considered when creating a plan. Complete “The VARK Questionnaire,” located on the VARK website, and then complete the following: 1. Click “OK” to receive your questionnaire scores. 2. […]