Mill’s Utilitarianism

III. Short Answer: How has your perspective on Mill’s utilitarianism changed after reading Ahmed’s “Utilitarianism and Empire”? Do you see any potential problems with Kant’s moral theory? Do you agree that people ought to be treated as ends in themselves, and not as means?

Hyperinflation Throughout History

Your second Gordon Rule assignment will consist of discussing one major episode ofhyperinflation throughout history. There have been many episodes of hyperinflation, but themost famous are that of Germany during the interwar years, Zimbabwe 2007, Venezuelacurrently, Bolivia 1984, Yugoslavia in the 1990s, or Israel in the 1980s. There are just examples you may use one […]

Philosophy Critical Essay

For this project, please carefully read the attached documents and use them as references for writing this paper. Please pay close attention to the “Guide for Writing in PHIL 1100” PDF file as it states all of the requirements for this project.Please answer “””ONE””” of the following questions in 4 pages (double-spaced) and do not […]

Causation and Correlation

Discussion post for Phil-Critical thinking class for nursing school  This week we’re exploring causation and correlation. Why is it a fallacy to confuse causation and correlation? Provide an example of a statement that confuses causation with correlation. Cause and effect fallacies are extremely common, especially in health care. Don’t patients often have their own unscientific ideas about what is […]

Concluding Essay

In 500-550 words, answer the following question as with as much of your voice as possible. Include in-text citations for all sources (including the text) that you use.  The goal of this essay is to analyze the difference between appearance and reality. What is real is not a straightforward and obvious thing. For instance, when […]

Philosophical Ideas

Summarize some of the philosophical ideas of Thomas Hobbes that were discussed in Chapter 9 of Tannenbaum. Explain how these ideas are shown in a piece of Hobbes’ work that Tannenbaum discusses in the chapter. Support with examples. Explain how these ideas are shown in a second piece of Hobbes’ work that Tannenbaum discusses. Support with examples.

Aristotle Virtue Ethics

What is my philosopher’s theory about how people “do ethics” or how they should “do ethics”? You should be using secondary sources here, to help you understand the primary source of the philosopher’s writing, which you should also be using, including quoting. What does at least one other philosopher say about my philosopher’s theory of […]

Democratic Institutions

1 What is it about a Kantian ethics that ensures that morality is objective? Why is a Kantian ethics nonetheless a form of moral anti-realism? Why is such a proposal known as constructivism? ( 100-150 words) 2 What does Marx mean when he claims that morality is inherently bourgeois and a product of false consciousness? […]

Felon Rights

Answer the following questions and prompts in your own words, using the research you found to support your answers (including proper citations). 1. What are the most common fallacies people use when engaging in your debate topic? Give several (3+) that you either found or would expect to find related to your topic. Explain each […]

Journal Assignment

Please Make sure to respond to every single prompts question below, NO outside sources use the only information provide on the download. 1.What is the main argument of psychological egoism? The essay says it is possible to reinterpret apparently unselfish actions as having selfish motives behind them. Does that prove the actions are really selfish […]