State the Justification for each numbered line that is not a premise

Each of the following is a formal proof of validity for the indicated argument. State the justification for each numbered line that is not a premise. Indicate which lines respond to the justification(5 Points Each)A. 1) (L É M) É (N º O)2) (P É ~Q) É (M º ~Q)3) {[(P É ~Q) v (R […]

Cultural Ethical Relativism

In James Rachels’, “Morality is not Relative,” Rachels argues against the ethical theory of Cultural Relativism. Write a paper in which you (A) explain “The Cultural Differences Argument” and why Rachels thinks it fails, (B) explain the reasons Rachels offers for rejecting Cultural Relativism, and (C) offer your own assessment on the strength of Rachels’ […]