Why and how? How can you balance results, relationships, and responsibility in addressing the challenge?

Discussion Question 1 (DQ1)Leaders in sport organizations today are presented with a host of local, national, and global challenges ranging from economic, social, ethical, spiritual, political, technological, and ecological. Frequently the challenges and leadership demands conflict with one another, especially in the “win at all costs” culture that many assert currently prevails in sport.Briefly, from […]

Importance of Critical Thinking

First – Give your opinion on whether being an effective critical thinker makes decision making easier or more challenging. Talk about concrete decisions you had to or will have to make. Justify your responseSecond – Consider the following statement:“The major difference between a successful person and one that is not successful is that the successful […]

Communication Climate and Conflict

Writing Assignment: Module 5Introduction:This writing assignment allows you to use readings, videos, and classroom discussions to evaluate the place that interpersonal communication has in real life. Communication in theory is important, but evaluated communication can help you to articulate, argue, defend, judge, or support your efforts to making real changes for yourself and those around […]

How distinct cultures can contribute to the larger military culture

As you explore the various cultures within the military, you may wonder how some of the differences affect the overall culture of the military. How do these differences influence the identity, roles, stressors, and needs of military personnel? The military has evolved over many years to include a rich ethnically and culturally diverse population. This […]

Drug Testing During Pregnancy

While I’m sure many (if not all of you) were aware of the impact of teratogens on fetal development, after reading this chapter, hopefully you are now more educated on these negative effects. My initial thoughts were, why aren’t women drug tested during pregnancy? Probably because it’s against your 4th amendment rights. After reading the […]

A Fresh Biblical and Transformational Approach

Hawkins & Clinton Book Review InstructionsYou must complete a book review of The New Christian Counselor: A Fresh Biblical and Transformational Approach by Hawkins & Clinton that will include 3 sections (summary, analysis, and application). Use the included template and utilize current APA citations as indicated on the templateSummary (35 points)In the summary section (at […]

Explain the long-term outcomes for people with psychotic disorders.

In 1,000-1,250 words, select a psychotic disorder and discuss biological methods used to treat the disorder. Include the following:Describe the problems associated with each biological method described.Suggest psychological methods that could be used to help a person with a psychotic disorder. Consider if the method would be dependent upon the setting – inpatient vs. outpatient.Explain […]

Developmental Disorder

You have been asked to present information on a developmental disorder in a faculty meeting at an elementary school. The principal has asked that you create a PowerPoint to be presented in the meeting as well as a handout that highlights some main points from your presentation that can be passed out to the teachers.Develop […]

Legal and Ethical Issues to The Drug and Alcohol Use

Integrative Final Project InstructionsThe purpose of this final project is to integrate the information from your textbooks as well as presentations included in your course.There are 2 options for this project, and you will select 1 of the following to investigate:1. Movie Character: Select a movie character (lead character or supporting character) that exemplifies issues […]